Earlier today we had a rumor that a pic was out and about showing some Jes Goodwin sketches, and that he was now working on the Imperial Guard. Well the source of the pics was found, and not only that, more information regarding Jes working on the Imperial Guard was sent in. Enjoy.

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a few comments ive heard this week from GW staff have been..... ''i'm getting very excited about seeing the new imperial guard units'' and ''cant wait for codex imperial gaurd to be finished''. i do know that my favourite 40k artist Jes Goodwyn has been working on imperial guard artwork and sketches for new models recently. might be a while before we see them but i'm hoping theres something completely new and not just a remake of cadians and catachans

via the Secret Squirrel from the Faeit 212 inbox
The imperial guard sketches are from "the gothic and the eldritch: the collected sketches of Jes Goodwin" which was published in 2001. The guard sketches themselves are from 1993 and there are more than just the 4 (although they're not in the book), some of which were used for the 2nd edition metal guard models. 

All that said, you can't discount any old sketches as Jes also make concepts for high elf reavers back in 1992 which are almost exactly what is in the isle of blood box set. 

Here are some of those pics

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