The one thing about this hobby is that there are always people scouring every inch of every pic or display looking for something hidden. Most often they are wrong and it is nothing, however, there are just enough good finds to keep us all hunting and waiting for the next hidden gem. Check this Forgeworld mini out.

This one is from the Iron Legion blog, so please head on over there for more pics and a much better description of what it is that was found.

via Andy - bG over at Iron Legion

I'm sure like everyone else out there, you've seen many of the pictures from the Istvaan diorama that Forgeworld produced for Games Day this year. Its currently on display at Warhammer World in Nottingham, in the case next to the main building entrance so that everyone can check it out.

This is the left end of the diorama, in amongst the traitor legions:
Wait a minute, there's something funny in that doorway, some kind of commander model perhaps?

Touché Forgeworld.  I did drop Forgeworld a line to ask about him and it turns out I'm the first person to spot and inform them of spotting Wally.  Woot!

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