According to this set, there is a lot in the works for the Horus Heresy coming in the next month. So for fans of the Horus Heresy line from Forgeworld, its time to get out your wallet for 2013.

Please remember that these are rumors

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 FW horus heresy: betrayal units rumors
I posted this in the project logs in response to some discussion there, but I'll just drop this here as well:

Still to come from Betrayal:

Legion specific characters, aka Abaddon, Garviel, Crysos, etc... At last count I believe there are 8 or 9 in the works...
Legion specific units, aka DeathShroud, ravages, etc. I believe there are still 3 to be released
Legion badged contemptors for Sons of Horus and Emporer's Children

Mecanicum HQ
Mecanicum units, I believe there are 2 to be released

Heresy era Vindicator
Heresy era land speeders
Mk ii/iii special weapons kit
Rotor cannon kit (there are iirc 4 or 5 kits due that contain 5 weapons and an augury)
Destroyer squad upgrade kit
Rapier platform kits, there are iirc 2 more rapier platform kits coming

Praetor kit in tartaros armor
Centurion kits ( there are 2 more 2 packs I'm aware of, but I believe there may be more coming. I think the moritat and Forgelord are up soon, next in line for the centurion releases that is, not next as in tomorrow). And I think vigilant and chaplain are the other set.

For tomorrow, I'm expecting the mk II special weapons kit similar to last weeks mk Iv set. This has some identical bits, mk ii assault arms, the older style hand flamers with the funnel barrels and a load of other weapons and bits.

And I believe it's tomorrow the death shroud are up for pre-order.

Next week I am expecting something big...

And another Primarch is supposed to be unveiled in Jan...

Additional Information since original posting of this rumor
The destroyers kit iirc includes left and right hand bolt pistols for 5 models, 3 chainswords, 2 combat blades, assault arms, some grenades and bits, and a missile launcher. It might have a couple alternate wargear pistols as well, but I dont recall seeing those.

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