Found this little gem hiding amongst the short stories over at the Black Library's blog. Very cool to see the Marines triumphant and the massed waves of ships overhead.

via the Black Library
We also caught up with Neil Roberts, the Horus Heresy series artist, who was a bit more forthcoming on details:

This was very much *my* ‘very-much-unofficial’ companion piece to Mark of Calth, what with the intense interplay of lighting and my whole approach to the painting. Where ‘Calth’ was all sombre and murky darkness, ‘Empire’ would be regal and filled with a dying light.

The main difference with this piece was that I could let my hair down and draw Space Marines in particular moods - joyous, triumphant, grumpy, annoyed and pensive - not the normal under-fire grimace. One trick was to let their body language do the talking, because I wanted the character of their Legion to be most evident in their poses.

Also, I had great fun playing on the happy Guilliman and uncertain Sanguinius – I don’t think things are going to go as they’d initially planned…

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