This week we had breaking information on the Dark Angels with the release of the January White Dwarf in Denmark. From pictures to unit information, it was a good week for Dark Angels and 40k in general.

The Games at the End of the World
Well the world did not end at the conclusion of the Mayan Calendar... big surprise there. However I did get a huge game in vs a Chaos Daemons player in my new game room. It was quite the game sitting at 3000pts of Daemons, almost exclusively Screamers and Flamers.

Previous Daemon players even in 6th that I have seen and faced had not played these units like this, so it was quite the shocker how powerful indeed they are for the point cost. While I put up a good fight, I did lose this game, and I will be doing a battle report on it later this week.

Flamers, disgusting powerful now with 2 wounds. Squads of them wreck tanks in numbers, and annihilate troops in numbers, no matter what they are. At 23 pts a model they are a steal.

Screamers. hmmmm, ap2 attacks that are S5 with armourbane, 2 wounds and 3 attacks base? Also extremely powerful.

Apparently I was the first person he has not tabled with this list at any point level. It was a hard game, and I am looking forward to the rematch.  I will post up more details soon.

Dark Angels
Now that its the end of the year, I am looking hard at what armies I am going to be playing, and have started doing some modelling work. One thing I am looking forward to.... the release of the Dark Angels codex. While I have no real intention of playing them full out as my primary detachments, I do see them as a good ally potential, however we will know more as the codex is released.

As far as low model count armies, I have one of those, so I am looking for something that my other armies cannot provide me on the tabletop. So I suppose it all depends on what the Dark Angels can bring to the table.

I am really surprised though that we are seeing a greater link between books from the Black Library and codex releases, perhaps this will keep up and will be something that we should be keeping a closer eye on.

I have a bunch of rhinos, and many half kits of rhinos and razorbacks that I bought at a good price. However it meant some serious modelling work to get the models ready for the tabletop. I was able to make the turrets and guns this week, and even a base for them to sit in. Yes, I just have that many heavy weapons sitting around.

I am working on getting my Grey Knight Coteaz army ready to play with. I am going to imagine that January I should be able to wrap up this army for playing up to 2500pts.

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