Its 2013 in a few short hours, and I am looking forward to a full new year of 40k. While 2012 was a good year, with the introduction of 6th edition, and a new Chaos Marine codex, next years releases look to be much more promising.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial, and yes I am a day late. I was up getting in games the last few nights, and am trying hard to settle down on a strong new list or two.

Dark Eldar
I spent about 3 hours with a friend of mine after our game discussing Dark Eldar and more, and the result was finally Dark Eldar list that I am ready to work on. In fact its quite nasty, and should be a little terrifying on the tabletop. Of course the list still needs to make the jump from paper to tabletop, but it will be a fun one.

The only main issue of course is starting to work on my Dark Eldar models again, alongside having to get a couple new models for the list. The hardest part course being that I will have to dig up some more old Raider models to go with the ones I already have.

However, it looks like 2013 might just be about me getting to work on my Dark Eldar and getting them back to the tabletop. So expect to see some progression posts coming in the next week or so.

Dark Angels
The Dark Angel codex is only a short few weeks away now, and it will be exciting to get the first space marine codex out and in our hands. I look forward to seeing what the Dark Angels will bring.

The pics on it, have me at a crossroads, on whether or not I want to pick up the models or not. Most likely if I do, it will not be right away, with the exception of the codex of course. After all I do have two Dark Angel starter sets to mess with for the time being.

Grey Knights and the Imperial Guard
My Grey Knight Coteaz list has evolved quite a bit by now, and now includes heavy Imperial Guard allies. So heavy in fact that I think the Grey Knight side of 2500pts is now about 900pts and the rest is IG.

IG have some serious advantages according to the rules in 6th edition, and some of it might be a little broken.  I was able to do some amazing things in last nights game with them, which resulted in a huge mess for my opponent from my two platoons.

I have rediscovered the use of the grenade launcher, something i never have really liked or wanted to use. I am liking them a lot now for what they are able to do. Platoons with a large number of seemingly never ending troops really balances out the list.

Dark Age Tabletop Game
I am apparently getting into a little Dark Age. So there will probably be a some posts on subject. I am very curious on any comments or opinions of the game from readers. If you do not know about the game, here is a quick link.

About a month ago we received some rumors regarding the game, and it was then that I started looking into it. So the game looks promising.

End of the Year.
Its time to look forward into next year. I am really hoping for a 3 codex year, specifically Dark Angels, Tau, and then Eldar later in the year. So that's my new years wish GW........ that and of course cutting us a little break on leaks and rumors.


  1. dark angels drop on the fifth games workshop just released the teaser this morning

    1. Pretty sure that is when the pre-order starts, as that is what GW always tease...

  2. Isn't that just when they go up for pre-order?

    1. yes it is

      so more of a mid month releas
      wich lets me dought demons or anything will be in feb. or any time soon

      it will be intressting to see if they suport new armys in the long run and do a 2nd csm wave before the summer

    2. You're mistaken, The new Hobbit models come out mid month, didn't you see the leaked hobbit pics at the far side of all those DA pics? New Elven cav. and Eagles. Woo!

  3. probably but the new codex will be online most likly on that day

  4. stoopid teaser trailer. does GW really think they are surprising anyone with that? it would seem that good business sense would try to capitalize on the big rumour industry within the hobby rather than trying to pretend it doesn't exist.

    1. My cynical side asks, 'how do you know they already aren't?'

  5. It is an odd business decision to go from having an "advance order" page on your site (still there BTW) to suddenly pretending no rumors exist until you can release dates on a saturday each month... very strange... on one hand I like the idea of some surprises, but a "surprise whole NEW ARMY!!!" isn't one of them... also, it just makes White Dwarf into the Catalog of Minis that it had become, which we thought they were getting away from with this re-boot of White Dwarf, but they have just gone right back to it being a commercial in paper form. oh well... since we seem to all be talking about it I guess it's working for them...

    1. well jeah
      but you do get head up info on the new stuff
      look at all the leaks from the WD
      without WD this teaser vid would be all we had

      no one has to buy the WD... and i sure would not advise getting every isue... only the ones that realy intresst you
      ofc still an expensiv catalouge and not much more... but you do get an early climps at the rules... said its not more and more to the point with pointcosts and rule wording... wich could even be good for GW in regards to how many missprints and miss wording they have in every dex

  6. Hey Natfka lets hear what is your main 40k army and like and then 2nd and then 3rd, just interested

    1. I have a massive amount of Imperial Guard about 8-10kpts, Dark Eldar app7-8k, and Grey Knightsapp7k. In that order. I also have some misc. Eldar, Dark Angels.

  7. Going to grab a few boxes of Deathwing, once I look over the Codex I'll then decide if I'm going to rework my current Doublewing list or go full Deathwing.

  8. lol - Asif GW will release all this in 2013.

    It's Warhammer Fantasy's 30th year anniversary.

    Except to see a lot of Warhammer fantasy

    1. Didn't we establish in 2012 that anniversary's really mean nothing to GW.

    2. Multiple flyers releases, a new starter game feat CSM and DA, a Necrons and CSM update, a chaos deamon wave, multiple scenary releases and a huge Forge world release - Damn right anniversary's mean nothing to GW

    3. You forgot the new Core Rules as well!

  9. Can't wait to see updates from you on your Dark Eldar. My mum has just found my old Dark Eldar army from years ago (7500 points iirc). I am looking forward to adding this to my 2500 points that I have from the new stuff. My mind boggles at what to field from this massive force.

    1. Also can't wait to see the new DA codex, and expanding on the Dark Vengeance set and a few other DA models that I have laying around. I have had a slow start to the year, it has been the first time in a long time that I haven't got any 40k at christmas. Best be making up for it through the year.

  10. Year of ONLY three codices?

    - DA in January.
    - Chaos Daemons/Daemons of Chaos double-bill all but confirmed for February.
    - Tau Empire for May.
    - Sisters of Battle far too prominent in the top end of the Big List not to have a codex sometime in H2 (rumours point to September-October).
    - Eldar mentioned by several sources to be in November.

    That leaves March and December for The Höbbit (heavy metal umlauts would make all the childishness MUCH more tolerable) and April and the unused September-October slot for High Elves and Lizardmen, respectively, with August for the "mystery box" (Blood Bowl? Necromunda? Mordheim? HeroQuest, erm, Warhammer Quest?).

    So, I'm expecting an unprecendent total of FIVE codices this year, PLUS the rumoured three waves (Ork/Flyers for March and June, Tau second wave plus odds and ends in September) AND for July the first 6ed supplement, Apocalypse Redux being the most likely: all those Imperial Agents and sinister conspiracies could very well be in the SoB codex either as allies or proper slot selections, or as Adversaries in the style of the Codex Witch Hunters of yore.

    Likewise, based on the rumours and the Big List, I expect no less than FOUR codices in 2014; GW's main source of income aka Vanilla Spees Mahreens, Orks & Gretchin, Imperial Guard, and Black Templars.

    Which would leave only Dark Eldar, Tyranids and Space Wolves and the supposedly already 6ed compatible armies Blood Angels, Cheeseknights, and Necrons to 2015-6, not to mention the Hrud and of course the Squats/Demiurg. 2016-7 would then see 7ed roll in and start the cycle anew.

    1. 5 40k dexes?
      Like when did that Ever Happen? :D
      And 3 WFB on Top :D lol

      Srry dude youre Way of

      I expect maybe Demons Before the Summer, April maybe.
      Tau wont get a dex, they are Not hot
      Eldar are and if any 3rd dex it will be Eldar in Nov.
      BTs in 2014 spring and Tau or Orks in fall Not more than that.
      WFB i habe noo idea.... But its Not going to be 3 dexes more likely 2 demons and betronia
      Supplement for 40k and Mystery Box in Summer & fall Slot.
      Waves i think will be CSM and DAs to further Push Sails on DV Box, Not Orks or anything els.

      We should Stick realistic thinking. Rumors are more often wrong than True.

    2. So, your word is God? Could you provide better, more accurate information pertaining to your claim of that improbability of no more than 3 Codexes? The predictions have thus far been essentially accurate; if I were to wager the impossibility of a certain army not coming out, it'd be one later in the year, not Daemons as they're literally a month away. Eldar may be early next year, who knows. Not to mention Daemons received a WD Update that can't be left hanging as is; I'm referring to 40k, not Fantasy.

      By your response, I would speculate you don't follow the most accurate - but not flawless - rumor sources. Considering their predictions have thus far been accurate - CSMs, WoC, DA, etc - with Daemons addition to the WD for Daemons, I can reasonably assume Daemons are next, but I won't cry to the Gods if it turns out to be false. It would be a strange bit of a release with DA being less than a month before, but how can one predict GW anyway?

    3. hastings & Harry
      Sure they are some Times right. But they are Off a Lot too! Was Not to Hard to guess CSM & DAs After the DV Box also the Order was diffrent First and they changed the Dates a dozen Times.

      Ofc i dont 100% know the Order of dexes.
      But i'm pretty Sure they wont do more than 2-3 dexes per System & 1 supplement & 1 Mystery Box in a single Year,
      Caus Thats the Sails plan they have had for as Long as i can remeber!

      Also i know that Tau & BT & sob are just like that Summer ob Flyers Thing or bloodbowl constant Rumors. Always in the rumor Mix. But for GW Less a Money cow than Eldar or Orks for example.
      The reason i say Eldar After demons is becaus they would make more Sails while 6th ED is still hot. And After that there will Def. Be a SM dex and BT is the only One left.
      Ofc i Could be wrong but i would bet Money on that it'll only be 2 dexes for 40k After DAs
      And more waves for CSM & DA just make more Biss sence to me than ork waves or what Ever!

    4. Anon 2.57am... You're looking very suspiciously like a lurking DA Troll we had around these parts not so very long ago.. Please say it isn't so..?

    5. Daemons is rumored to be a white dwarf update like before. I know that several rumor mongers have said codices, but don't get your hopes up. Several close sources have said White Dwarf. Personally I would love to think Daemons would get a new codex, but if they were it would not happen in feb.

      So yes, Daemons get a nice wave in Feb, but more than likely its a White Dwarf update.

      Sob have no rumors supporting a codex this year.

    6. @ ferrero
      its is :D
      calm down man
      its only my umbel superior opionen

      @ natfka
      2 updates via white dwarf?
      do they really need more buffing????

    7. Daemons are incredibly bland and very simple; says a lot when you can take a look for the first time and spot the trash/gold units with a fleeting glance.

      Only reason why they're 'good' is a few tricks that bypass BRB rules simply because it is outdated, their MCs turned into FMC's and the insensible buff to Flamers and Screamers. Not very fun to play with at all. I put my army away until they're renewed.

      Regardless, something is going to happen, whether it is Codex/Army Book as most seem to say, or the alternative WDing them again. I don't mind either way, so long as I'm given options and the Greater Daemons make sense both stat and points wise.

      I demand to be hailed as a God when it is a Codex/Army Book in Feb.


    trailer is up

  12. Is it just me of is there alot of dark stuff here?

  13. I have the price list from FRP Games newsletter. These are just msrp.
    Ravenwing dark talon $75
    Land Speeder Vengeance $65
    Deathwing Command $60
    Ravenwing Command $50
    Dark Angels Battleforce $110
    Sammael(Corvex) $49.50
    Belial $22.25
    Asmodai $19.25
    Dark Angel Codex [Limited Edition] $90
    IDK they didn't have regular codex listed.
    If anyone cares I guess there is some Hobbit releases to.
    Great Eagles $50
    Gwahir $40
    Riddles in the Dark $35
    Fell Wargs $30

    1. I can understand the ls vengance price because it looks bigger than a normal ls but i refuse to pay $60 for DW command. I dont care how many options are in the box you only get five playable models out of it. You'd think since GW reduced the total boxes from three down to one for DW terminator units that they would actually drop the price but no they actually increase it. (usual disclaimer: assuming the info we have is correct.)

  14. Really looking forward to your Dark Eldar posts.

  15. Hey Natfka, could we see your list for Dark Eldar?

    I'm chomping at the bit to get my DE on the table. Finally added a few missing units to do a competive Apocalypse list. I'm looking forward to fielding a Dark Olmpiad Battle Formation combined with Tge Duke

    If you don't want to show the list, I understand, maybe email? We could do a "you show me yours, I'll show you mine" :-P


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