Its 2013 in a few short hours, and I am looking forward to a full new year of 40k. While 2012 was a good year, with the introduction of 6th edition, and a new Chaos Marine codex, next years releases look to be much more promising.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial, and yes I am a day late. I was up getting in games the last few nights, and am trying hard to settle down on a strong new list or two.

Dark Eldar
I spent about 3 hours with a friend of mine after our game discussing Dark Eldar and more, and the result was finally Dark Eldar list that I am ready to work on. In fact its quite nasty, and should be a little terrifying on the tabletop. Of course the list still needs to make the jump from paper to tabletop, but it will be a fun one.

The only main issue of course is starting to work on my Dark Eldar models again, alongside having to get a couple new models for the list. The hardest part course being that I will have to dig up some more old Raider models to go with the ones I already have.

However, it looks like 2013 might just be about me getting to work on my Dark Eldar and getting them back to the tabletop. So expect to see some progression posts coming in the next week or so.

Dark Angels
The Dark Angel codex is only a short few weeks away now, and it will be exciting to get the first space marine codex out and in our hands. I look forward to seeing what the Dark Angels will bring.

The pics on it, have me at a crossroads, on whether or not I want to pick up the models or not. Most likely if I do, it will not be right away, with the exception of the codex of course. After all I do have two Dark Angel starter sets to mess with for the time being.

Grey Knights and the Imperial Guard
My Grey Knight Coteaz list has evolved quite a bit by now, and now includes heavy Imperial Guard allies. So heavy in fact that I think the Grey Knight side of 2500pts is now about 900pts and the rest is IG.

IG have some serious advantages according to the rules in 6th edition, and some of it might be a little broken.  I was able to do some amazing things in last nights game with them, which resulted in a huge mess for my opponent from my two platoons.

I have rediscovered the use of the grenade launcher, something i never have really liked or wanted to use. I am liking them a lot now for what they are able to do. Platoons with a large number of seemingly never ending troops really balances out the list.

Dark Age Tabletop Game
I am apparently getting into a little Dark Age. So there will probably be a some posts on subject. I am very curious on any comments or opinions of the game from readers. If you do not know about the game, here is a quick link.

About a month ago we received some rumors regarding the game, and it was then that I started looking into it. So the game looks promising.

End of the Year.
Its time to look forward into next year. I am really hoping for a 3 codex year, specifically Dark Angels, Tau, and then Eldar later in the year. So that's my new years wish GW........ that and of course cutting us a little break on leaks and rumors.

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