It seems that there are often unsuspecting events, errors, or events that can throw off release dates. The past 3-4 months have been a prime example of rumors coming in, and release dates moving around. It reminds me of the bumper sticker "Shit happens".

I understand there are hard line thinkers that also come here, and just believe the rumors are wrong on the release date, printer issues, shipping problems, and more, and that's OK. Personally I believe it to be a mix of the two. Set schedules that often get shifted because of problems, and yes, we do get rumors that jump the gun on release dates on occasion. For the most part though, being in a high strung business my self many times, deadlines that can be altered, often will.

I am sure the question and answer would be something like this.
"How long does it take to write a codex"
Answer: "How long do I have"

This morning we have a rumor set that goes back a month or so and gets down to some of the issues regarding getting a codex or army book out. Please remember that is a rumor, and in accordance with the source, please add a little extra salt.

via Unforgiven from the Faeit 212 inbox

Not sure how much truth there is to this rumour, so please take some salt.

But rumour has it that WFB Chaos isnt off the books for an army book release, It was due to be released in November but there was a printing issue causing a whole batch of the books to be unfit for sale. But as a bunch of models and what not were ready, they released the models as planned with an unplanned white dwarf supplement (easier to print a 2 page insert than an army book i guess). Dark Angels were brought forward from their April slot to January to compensate for this, and now Warriors of Chaos apparently occupy the March/April slot. This is likely to mean that High Elves are pushed back into the year

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