If you recall from this weekend, we were discussing briefly that there are rumors of Apocalypse being redone and being brought up to speed for 6th edition. While the rumor was brief, it seems that the Apocalypse formations have been pulled from the Games Workshop website according to Loken over at Apocalypse 40k.

The apocalypse expansion is very old, dating back to the end of 4th edition, it really is time to get an update. Is this the expansion book for next summer? Its starting to look like its separate from it if GW is already pulling the datasheets and formations. Sooner is probably better than later, so bring it on... I'm ready for some big games.

Please remember that these are rumors. Standard salt required.

via Loken over at Apocalypse 40k
A few different sources are saying that we will be seeing Apocalypse Second Edition soon.  Apocalypse formations have been pulled from the Games Workshop website.  If you still need them, join the Apocalypse40K forum.  Various GW employees have said the Datasheets and formations were removed as they are obsolete and about to be replaced.  GW  typically pulls all the old merchandise from the shelves in order to get ready for the new releases.

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