Here is some information that is coming in regarding more Dark Angels bits. Some prices alongside what is going to be released is here, so check it out and get ready for some Dark Angels goodness.

via Dave from the Faeit 212 inbox
nite halo grants sammael a 4+ invulnerable save if he is rideing in his land speeder then it grants his land speeder a 4+ invulnerable save

blessed in a special rittual by the interrigator chaplain within there inner ..... far beneath the tower of angels..... part from sammael

belial is armed with storm bolter and sword of silence as standard but still has same weapon options as previos

asmodai is armed with blades of reason, crozious arcane, bolt pistol, frag krak grenades

ravenwing black knights ride customised MK4 bikes, they are armed with plasma talons in replace of there bolters mounted on the bike and wield a corvus hammer, basical a thunderhammer.

deathwing command squad has options for terminator champion, apothecary, banner bearer, champion carries the massive halberd of calliban, deathwing knights are accompanied by watcher in the dark (also included in the box set). each has his own personal heraldry on shield and shoulderpad and are armed with mace of absolution and the knight master is armed with flail of the unforgiven

ravenwing command squad allows you too build apothecary, banner bearer, champion, also a lot of spare parts in the kit including 5 spare heads, spare shoulder pads power weapons pistols and more

Codex Dark Angels £30, 49.50 USD 39€
azrael supreme grand master (online only) £12.30, €17.50, 20 usd online only same as original model
ezekiel (online only) £10.25, 17usd, 15€ online only same as original model
Belial 15£ 22,25$ 22,25€
Asmondai 11£ 19,25$ 15,50€
Ravenwing Dark Talon 45£ 75$ 60€
The Ravenwing Battleforce 70£ 110$ 90€ same box set no change
Ravenwing Command Squad 30£ 50$ 40€
Deathwing Command Squad/knights/normal 35£ 50$ 45€
Ravenwing land Speed Vengeance 40£ 65$ 50€
standard bearer (online only) £15, 22.25 usd, 20.25€

codex DA (hard back 104 pages), belial (resin), asmodai (resin), ravenwing dark talon/nephilim fighter (plastic), ravenwing commandsquad/knights (plastic), deathwing normal/ command /knights (plastic), ravenwing land speeder vengence/ darkshroud (plastic), standard bearer resin online only

‎3 man bike squad, ravenwing battle force, DA capt, ravenwing upgrade frame, vet upgrade frame, DA company vet squad all staying the same, no change

ravenwing land speeder,vengence and dark shroud all have deep strike special rule and dark shroud also has scouts rule

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