Tau have been the biggest disappointment for most people, since there were a lot of rumors flowing that they were getting a codex sometime Q1 this year. Now they appear to be at the very earliest 6 months or even further out into next year. So what has the rumor mill been saying lately of the sad state in the Tau Empire?

These rumors get to the bottom of it.

Please remember that these are rumors, and to take them with the standard amount of salt.

This collection of rumors were posted by tastyfish. I removed a few from the original group that were wishlisting and obviously outdated and no longer considered to be valid rumors.

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There's a couple of new Tau things that are going around at the moment in the various other threads, so perhaps it is time to reopen this one for a little while since we're getting a lot of little snippets at the moment.

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Nothing new, but about six months ago I saw internal emails from GW devs talking about Tau codex updates. All of the things I saw have been covered by other people in the Tau thread. I just wanted to let you know that according to the people who wrote those emails, they expected the Tau codex to be released within six months to a year. Nothing solid, still just a rumor, but I thought you might be interested.

Darmok on the other hand has heard that whilst the Tau are being worked on, they aren't as far along as Eldar. In other less specifically Tau news from his 'Early Bird' post it sounds like Chaos is at the printers and probably the next release for 40K, and that more aircraft are being worked on and some at least (including an Ork fighta) are likely to see release in 6 months. Tau do have a lot of planes, and are have been/are at the design stage and floating around the Studio mindspace, but that's just me speculating. Could also be the not-a-Storm-Raven, or anything else.

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For tau, I would hope they aren't a year off, ive heard some of the packaging is already completed, so if so they are consuming warehouse space somewhere, which is not what I have ever seen gw like to hold on long games. The new ethereal guard models ( I don't recall the name) look positively delicious. And I really think the updates will bring in new players as well as de did.

Harry still doesn't expect to see the Tau (or Eldar) codex this year, but based on this said he wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be a smaller release with some new models and maybe units, akin to the VC Terrorgeist and Wraith characters or the Eldar Nightspinner.

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Yes. you are right in fact I have even heard (and I think posted) that I wouldn't be surprised if we saw something for tau ahead of the full codex release. So that could be whats going on here. So on my other schedule where I had Tau with the ? that might be right for a small release.

I'd actually heard that the Tau release might be a small one with a new unit or two a couple of weeks back but I've completely forgotten where it was originally.

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