Chaos Legions are rumored to be next, and other people have already said that they are at the printers. While there is some discussion that the next 40k slot will come in May, its not written in stone. This is what the rumor mongers are saying.....

April: Empire/ Minor 40k releases
May: 40k Codex? / Necron Wave?
June/July: 6th Edition
Sept: Starter Set- Chaos vs Dark Angels
Oct: 40k Codex

Tastytaste over on BoK is saying that Dark Angels will be filling the May slot, while other rumor mongers are saying that Chaos Legions are next.

So following this line of thought, here is today's rumor. Please remember to take all rumors with a grain of salt.

via Stickmonkey
So my snitches have passed along a few bits.

Up next for 40k sounds like may timeframe for a chaos codex. Rumored to expand upon 4 major legions.
New plastics
Chaos dread.
New plastic raptors
New plastic plague bearers
New character sculpts, not sure if abaddon is included...

I think most if not all of this has been mentioned before.

On top of this, I'm hearing there will be a few blister releases for other armies between now and summer. Even with WFB likely to take the spotlight in April, I'm being told to expect 2-3 blisters for 40k.

Likely candidates include missing characters for Nids, Necrons, DE. All of which have sculpts ready.

4 Legions being expanded upon:
Emporers children
Death guard
World eaters
Thousand sons

But that's not all that's in the book from what I hear. And the conflict in what I've heard is that they expanded upon the 4 chaos gods, or they expanded upon the 4 legions devoted to those specific gods, so I'm not certain which is true right now, if either.

I have heard from many sources traitor guard and others are in the book, but nothing close enough for me to have a lot of faith yet there.

No words on another dex, but as Abaddon is in the dex, I expect all 9 legions to be covered somehow.

I want to clarify, I don't know this release slot is May. Seems like a lot of people grabbing onto that. Only that its likely the next release "slot" that could be a 40k window. But the rumors I'm getting are that this chaos release is next up. Next up could be October for all I know. But I suspect sooner.

I'm also confirming a 6e winging it's way our direction.

Past few major editions have followed the model of hb rulebook in June/July and box set in September. If I recall fantasy and 40k had no accompanying models to the hb release. But did have a ton of gaming accessories.

I've got another bit on the rb/starter. Not sure where this fits, but I've got some new info on "emplacements" (their word) being part of 6th and a kit (or kits) being developed. No other details. could be another bastion style model. Could be something else entirely. One rumor I'm hearing consistently is that the amount of effort being put into cranking out fantasy terrain is getting focused towards 40k to show it some more love.

I do expect 2 codex updates by year end, even with the 6ed release tossed in the year.


  1. Blister releases?
    Doesn't seem any word on Myceptic Spore, Harpie or Dark Eldar Bomber. Perhaps the blisters will include Grey Knight characters, Brotherhood Champion and Techmarine.

    So many rumours have stated they're getting their 2nd Wave sooner rather than later. I'm hoping they won't have to wait 2/3 years, they waited 10 years for a new codex!

    I think the 'expanded 4 gods' to be about the legions devoted to said gods. Unless daemons and legions combine into one mighty tome. It would be a BIG book if it contained ALL legions, ALL daemons and traitor guard.

    I suspect the 'traitor guard' might just be cultists (Alpha Legion) and plague zombies (Death Guard) with some other 'legion specific cannonfodder'.

    Plastic Plaguebearers? I hope so. Would make my year if a box of plastic beasts and a model for Ku'gath were included.

    By the way, I hope we see 40K zombies and not just the WHFB ones. Otherwise I know where to go to find some modern zombies.

    If legions is released May, and half the rumours about them are true, I better forget Nids and Wolves and start saving!

    1. Yeah! Plastic Raptors! I've only wanted them since I started the hobby...
      Chaos dread? About time! Our current one's been here since 3rd ed.! (And I hate the rules, but that's a different matter entirely)
      I expect emplacements will be similar to the FW Tarantulas. Would be pretty awesome to have them in plastic.

  2. If we look at the Legion book as containing all legions, traitor guard, and Daemons, it wouldn't have to be much larger than the Space Marine Codex, and considering the amount of players that love them some chaos, this would most likely go over quite well.

  3. So necrons were due Febuary but now april, when April is supposed to be Fantasy and shair their space with DE and whiny nids players? I heard may for crons but i bet this will change with the weather.

  4. Black Templars, 25th March...

    1. So are squats but we both know thats not happening on that day.

    2. The source? Faith, brother!

    3. faith is over-rated... the source on the other hand would be most appreciative.


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