Many people are wondering, if the Chapterhouse lawsuit is not yet even at trial, and the lawsuit was the issue, how did GW release these models? I have seen that many people were thinking the lawsuit did not hamper the release, but instead was a way for GW to sell more models. Well, hopefully that answers the question.

Take this with the same amount of salt as anything else that is not an official statement by the company.

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Concerning the Chapterhouse lawsuit, I would be the person concerned who first bought it to light.

Essentially I was told over a year ago, by a very, very reliable source (who shall remain unnamed) that certain kits were being held back by GW as there were concerns regarding the Chapterhouse lawsuit.

GW had been advised that because they had not released physical representations of Thunderwolves, Tervigon, Tyrannofex, Doom etc that third parties who already had could contest ownership.

GW have never released a Thunderwolf model, they have released Canis Wolfborn, and as such own the rights to a model caleed Canis Wolfborn, but had not yet released Thunderwolves.

There was a fear that releasing these models after other third party manufacturers (not just CHS) would weaken their case against Chapterhouse.

The most contentious of these models being the Doom of Malantai, Tervigon and Thunderwolves.

However it is no coincidence that several months ago GW hired a new IP lawyer, who now advises them on exactly these kind of issues, and it is obvious that their legal advisors have said it's ok to release these models.

It's not a coincidence that Thunderwolves and the Tervigon have been released simultaneously just before the case gainst Chapterhouse goes to trial.
I reckon it will be at least a year if not longer before we get any resolution on that, if any resolution can ever be met as it looks as though neither side is willing to back down.
However I expect that GW is keen to win this (not that I'm saying that they will, I think they have made some howling errors tbh) if only because of license deals like the one for the Hobbit.

But I expect ChapterHouse and all the other third party companies will be trading for the forseeable future.

The general concensus is that these originally weren't going to be released together, but the schedule got messed up by some bad legal advice, and GW have been waiting for an opportunity to release them ever since.

They were well aware of the feeling of the community towards either not being released and a few months ago decided to add them into the Feb / March schedule as "birthday presents" for 40k fans.


  1. Even if that is all true the fact still stands that GW should have released the models closer to the codex release date. If they would have done that in the 1st place all the 3rd parties would have nothing to sell as GW already produced that model. GW did this to themselves and now have to deal with any and all fallout due to their mistake.

  2. I gotta agree with Death Salvo here. Alot of it really falls on GW not being able to follow through faster with their releases. I understand wanting money from the releases but waiting and waiting for a second wave is just stupid.

  3. I disagree too, when a codex has been released for a certain amount of time its a good way to boost sales by releasing new kits for that codex after X amount of time. Sales for Tyranid and Space Wolves Codex's will increase, as I for one am tempted with some thunderwolves. Its a great way to prolong the longevity of a codex

  4. And really nothing was stopping them from producing a model and advertising it with the codex but adding on that it will be "Coming soon."

    Sadly, GW will not be the one to suffer. It's the fans that will ultimately get the short end of the stick.

  5. I disagree with you both. Most companies take a year or more to release all the models from a book; even companies such as Privateer Press or Malifaux. Yes, GW is a bigger company, but it also produces a lot more models IIRC and the kits are significantly more complex. Dropping everything on the release just isn't viable, especially when there are a good dozen new models with many of them being rather large. Add into that the fact that it looks like many 3rd party parts makers are now trying to make stuff immediately after a codex is dropped (I've seen at least one company make their own version for the Necron jetbike) it's not always possible for GW to make the stuff first.

    The worst thing really is that it could cause GW to add less things to books so as to not allow the 3rd party companies to make their own version first.

    1. I agree. If everyone understood what it takes to produce a model they wouldn't be bitching so much. The amount of models GW releases is quite impressive. Yes this whole Tyranid/Spcewolf thing took forever. But thank ass fuck third parties like chapterhouse for that. Don't blame GW. DO you think it was GWs marketing stratagy to piss off everyone who collects those two armies? No of course not.
      I don't know what fantasy world everyone lives in but if someone produced products and was making money from my intellectual property I'd be pretty pissed too. Especially if they had the chance of claiming ownership.

  6. I think the second wave is important. It makes sense that they can't release 20 kits all at once, they need to gauge sales (it costs them to make models you know). It also invigorates the community to be excited for "wave 2". I think it's stupid they delayed this wave so long. They obviously have intellectual ownership over all of their codex units and the asshole who warned them not to release these models is the one to blame. It literally comes down to a very small group of terrible lawyers.
    If the night scythe doesn't come out for 3 years I may have to start a new army.

  7. I agree with the first Anon poster. I wouldn't mind them having the models made, with pictures in the codex, and just writing "coming soon." They could release them later yet have physical models to prevent this from happening again. I would never have thought that 3rd party companies could get around the IP rights before any of this happened, and I doubt GW believed it either, but their best bet is to learn from this and figure something out.

    P.S.- I want my damn Necron second wave still...transports for an army should always be first wave, or else I am going to use all my interneting power and QQ

    1. I want a Necron 2nd Wave because I want to compare Tyranids and Necrons for coolness. Winner takes my wallet!

      Currently Tyranids are in the lead, but I want a peak at those Spyders, Wraiths, Blades and Scythes. IF they are as cool as their pictures in the codex the Nids will eat their dust.

      To me the Tervigon is so much like it's picture in the codex, I'm hopeful for the Necrons.

      By the way Space Wolves are my favourite Space Marine army. Don't think even the Dark Angels could change my mind. They'd have to have something cooler than Thunderwolf cavalry and fenrisian wolves.

      Wolves are my favourite animals, them and Husky dogs. That might clarify why I like Space Wolves so much.

  8. It's good that they got a new IP lawyer. The notion that someone could make a model of GW art, and then claim ownership is simply wrong, as the rights holder GW has the option of entering the market place with such an item. It's more likely that it would be difficult to demonstrate "harm" if they released it and then sold a ton. I explain it more in detail here.

  9. So let me get this straight GW has the info on the codex before it comes out and these apparently from all the rumors are done months/years in advance of them being release. So they can't even put a pic in the codex of the model and release in waves? or dod a press release of upcoming stuff? Really? it's not like they find out about what's in the codex when we do. I also never said it all should drop the day the codex comes out. Waves are good, but waves that take years are counter productive. You need to ride the wave of the codex debut to capitalize on the new codex hype. BTW privateer press does release pics of the models prior to them being available to the public with a expected date ( not that they are perfect either, but im just saying ) .

    1. Totally agree. This nonsense about it being too much to do to make what 6 MCs for Nids and a couple wolf models for SW is bull. They totally redesigned DE which has even more new model designs than nids, and more complex designs within months. Necrons had a similar release. GK were redesigned to have flexible model boxes and a completely new MC! Who actually thinks they couldn't have dropped the Tervigon/Thunderwolf in the same year rather than 3 years later?

  10. It's funny how GW is supposed to be the monopoly of this industry yet they have to battle other parties just to release their own models. I detect failure.

  11. jop... big blunder by GW

    they let Chapterhouse and others cash in on their idea

    bad for all the players that had to wait so long
    and have to exchange their allready made models now

  12. If they're worried about other companies who made the models before them, then I want them to stop bitching at me in their stores when I want to use non-GW minis.

  13. Can someone explain to me how Chapter House can expect to have any weight in this arguement when you can clearly see that GW intended to have these models released by including them in their own damn codices?!?!?

    1. Agreed, but I think it was to do with the fact that no such model existed, so it was therefore an interpretation of artwork, which was on dubious legal ground (for both sides). At least, that was what I thought it was about with their old lawyer.
      Hopefully their new lawyer will kick some serious ass!
      And I could be wrong, but I don't think these models were around (or not in a fit state to be released) when the codex came out.

  14. "GW had been advised that because they had not released physical representations of Thunderwolves, Tervigon, Tyrannofex, Doom etc that third parties who already had could contest ownership."

    And their answer to this was to release nothing? That makes no sense.

    "There was a fear that releasing these models after other third party manufacturers (not just CHS) would weaken their case against Chapterhouse."

    In what way? This person just said earlier that not releasing this models had hurt GW's case with Chapterhouse.


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