When I saw this today, my first thought was that I didn't even know there was a Masterclass Vol. 1. Apparently somewhere during 4th edition or the first part of 5th, I missed it. I like the idea of this so much that I might just have to order volume 1 when I get the chance.

Today's rumor says that we are only a few short months away from a Masterclass Vol. 2 release.

via Forgeworld on Volume 1.
The first book of its kind produced by Forge World, Model Masterclass Volume One deals with advanced techniques for modelling and painting your Forge World and Games Workshop models and also features a guide to working with resin. Written by two of Forge World's studio team; Phil Stutcinskas, winner of many model competitions including the prestigious Euro Militaire 2006 Best of Show, and multi-Golden Daemon award winner Mark Bedford.

Today's rumor: Please add a little bit of salt to this one, its still a rumor until we hear something official.

via Eldorad
Just got back from the monstrous masterclass at warhammer world.
During one of the breaks Mark Bedford told us that the Volume 2 of the Forge World Masterclass books was done, gone to the printers and due out in April.
Didn't elaborate on content much but mentioned the eldar titan.
Both Mark and Phil also mentioned that Forge World were sourcing an airbrush for general sale.

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