Just recently Games Workshop was hiring an assistant designer (I forget the exact title), and it appears they are or have increased their design staff significantly. The thoughts in general have been that this would be bad for the core games that we all love, primarily Warhammer Fantasy, and Warhammer 40k.

This rumor lets us know that perhaps the core games will not be left in the dust, and that instead, LotR will simply be additional releases on top of what is already going to be coming out. Not to mention that the movie and game has funded additional technology for the GW.

Please remember that this is a rumor, since I have not been able to locate staffing numbers on their site or elsewhere. Someone else might have some inside information to this, and if so, please share in the comments.

via Harry
The number of designers has increased significantly. I know of at least six new guys. My undstanding is they have been taken on not only to ensure whatever they do for LotR does not impact on the other core games but also to increase the amount of stuff they can produce for the core games.

we should thank LotR .... It is what paid for all the new technology they have now.


  1. believe it not impacting the core game when I see it, and definitely have not been seeing it. And if the new technology is the Fine Cast blend of resin, then a big whatever instead of a thanks.

  2. As someone who got into the hobby in the first place through LoTR, I'm totally for more staffing in that direction. The models are really nice, the game was fun, and, hey, it did pay for all the new stuff Fantasy and 40k have been getting. It makes sense too that additional people to a department won't impact the other main games.


  3. I can say they are upping staffing on the sales end, there are new positions for trade managers and other type things in the NA HQ offices. This is due to continued success in sales and profits apparently. Pretty standard stuff though.

  4. When they say funding new technology they mean the CAD systems and multi-part moulds used to create large plastic kits, starting with the Carnifex IIRC, and including things like the baneblade, new fantasy monsters etc.
    Before LoTR (If you can stretch your mind back to the year 2000) the best we got was multi-part space marines and the biggest we had was land raiders.


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