Games Workshop has announced that the lawsuit against Paulson Games has been settled. For those that do not know, Paulson games made tyranid bits, like lash whips and boneswords. What else they made, I am not quite sure of, but a settlement announcement is always nice to hear.

Here is the announcement.

via Games Workshop
Copyright litigation settlement
on January 6, 2012 · in Uncategorized ....Games Workshop and Paulson Games are pleased to announce the settlement of the copyright litigation commenced by Games Workshop in federal court in Chicago. Paulson Games and Games Workshop have agreed on the range of products Paulson Games is permitted to sell without violating Games Workshop’s claimed rights in its Warhammer 40,000 characters and have agreed to terminate the litigation between them. Games Workshop’s case against Chapterhouse Studios continues.


  1. Interesting...

    I notice the riding wolves are still available. But they have other uses besides TWC, so that makes sense.

  2. The interesting bit is that Paulson never should have been involved in the first place. GW cited the company as being involved with the production of the Tau Walker that Chapterhouse retails...despite the fact that the walker was clearly sculpted by someone else in Australia. It seemed, pretty much, like GW was trying to drag Paulson into the CH suit with an obvious mistake.

    That being said, Paulson was producing wolves, boneswords, and lash whips, as well as some Tau-ish guns. I'm glad he's finally free of this.

  3. All Paulson did was change their item's names from "Tyranid Bonesword" to "Bio Sword" - basically the same crime Chapterhouse has been doing since day 1 but a smaller fish.


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