Here is the video release for the new Tyranids today. The video gives you close up views that are otherwords hard to get. These are excellent models, and I am considering restarting a tyranid army from this release.

via Games Workshop
Many of the new models are also plastic kits, which means there are loads of different options included in the box, from guns and claws to heads and tails. You get to see a lot of the parts in these videos, a useful resource if you want to find out how to equip your new units. Put it this way, the Hive Tyrant can now be geared up for total war with wings, a Heavy Venom Cannon, Bone Sword, Lash Whip... well, everything really. You can even build the Swarmlord from the kit. Check out the videos and see for yourself.


  1. Winged Hive Tyrant will start my Tyranids off well.
    12" move makes 24" synapse range and 18" assault. Not forgeting the 12" move ignores terrain.
    Feet look 'stabby' enough for counting as Scything Talons.
    Arms will be the classic lashwhip and bonesword.

    Tervigon will make up my 2nd HQ.

    Tyrannofexes will get Rupture Cannons. Though I may purchase a couple extra for the borer hive, good anti-infantry for battling guard.

    1. actually the best for winged HT is mass dovourer with brainleach and DSing behind rhinos tanks ect.
      he won´t make it over the board if you try to RUN him into melee


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