Underneath the site banner, I have added pages to link readers to resources that have been posted on the blog before. Even though this is a small addition, it will make it very easy to locate access some information on the blog. I did this several days ago, so if there is a subject listed there you are interested in, please go check it out.

Right now only my original Dark Eldar Tactica series and Terrain Tutorials are listed, but more is to come.  Feedback or suggestions and comments for the site are always welcome.


  1. Nice add-on, thanks! I did see this a couple of days ago but may I suggest that you try making the background dark blue and the writing white? It might make it a bit more visible... although it might not. Anyway, great blog all round.

  2. I miss your world as the background. Loved the half day/half night motif.

    1. I still see it. Try a control F5 to force reload.


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