The first sightings of releases that will be released March 3rd are here. It looks like a release we have all wanted to see, check it out......

I will post more as I get it! No pics yet, sorry, just a list.
We are still looking for confirmation from other sources, so until we get more, keep your fingers crossed.

via Bobske
Just saw the product list at my game store (not gw)
here's what I remember

March 3rd
hive tyrant/swarmlord kit 42 eur
tervigon/tyrannofex kit 45,50 eur plastic

plastic thunderwolves, 3 a box 43 eur
plastic fenrisian wolves 5 a box 19,50 eur
plastic wolf lord on thunderwolf 1 a box 33 eur
arjac rockfist finecast 21 eur

something to do with paints, which i didn't look at
WHFB Hellcannon in finecast 45,50 eur 17th of March

sorry I mistook the glue for the paints (Nid fixation will do that)
I think it was just superglue and plasticglue, maybe repackaged?
So to be absolutely clear, I saw No paints on the list

via OnTheEdge
 just relayed the same list that he got from an email from his local Swedish shop, only difference being that the Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf is finecast instead of plastic. Which would make sense considering his price

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