With the image on the spine of the White Dwarf starting to shape up there is a lot of speculation that this is the artwork for the cover of a upcoming codex. ( I have not yet seen a good image of the latest additional magazine image). However with the thought that there might really be a codex on the way, I started wondering what might be in it.

We have heard from BoK that Tastytaste believes that a Dark Angel codex is next. A couple other rumor mongers believe that while not next, it is coming this year. This gives us a decent idea that there may well indeed be a codex, but will be in it?

Couple things from a week or so ago, we heard about a plasma main gun and plasma sponsons on predators. Alongside that there was an expanded use of Chaplins. There is also the possibility of the Land Raider Ares making the codex, and today's rumor hints at yet another possible unique option for this army. Jetbikers.

Please take a ton of salt with this. Even Bramgaunt when he heard it considered it to be simply wish listing. I am posting this more towards speculation of units that could make the codex, rather than anything solid.

via Bramgaunt
Jetbikers would be an elite bike unit, but the fluffbunny's would go berzerk. I have heard about a jetbike kit, but I labled it wishlisting. They would sell like hot cherry pie, they would look awesome, they could even call them Ravensomething so they wouldn't have to break their current naming policy, it would add to the uniqueness of the army, but I don't see it happening.

If we had such, and this is pure speculation, we would have strong Chaplins and Interogator Chaplins, Plasma gun turrets with side sponsons, a Land Raider Ares, and Ravenwing Jetbikes. Just the sounds of a codex like this is exciting. Once again, its Sunday morning, and this is all speculation, and nothing solid.


  1. GW: please do not add jetbikes to Space Marines.

    - a loyal Dark Angel fan since 2006

    1. They already removed them once. When they steered the 2nd ed fluff towards wheels and tracks for the Imperials, hover for the Eldar.

  2. as a long time DA player.... what do we need jetbikes for? to replace all or bike models????
    i would rather have option for better & more speeders

    maybe DA will sneak in before 6th ED but prob. not any time soon after 6th cause Vanila will most likely be 1st to get a dex and then its xenons after that... so i suspect prob no DA at all if 6th is comeing around with a vanilla dex

    the pic could well be cover of 6th ED... doesn´t mean a DA dex is bound to come soon
    but we will see in time

  3. I don't think they will be in the Codex, but maybe some awesome forgeworld models for the rumored Heresy-era expansion.

  4. They could always find an STC in their hunt for the fallen. Heck, they could even put a 0-1 restriction on em and say they were found in an armory somewhere. Things get found in the Imperium, would be nice if they started to find some of their old glory again so we could have more epic fights.

  5. I actaully heard of some sorta land speeder or bike that is supposed to function like a Catacomb command barge for necrons don't know though.

  6. I think attack bike sized jetbikes would fit well for dark angels. A option between attack bikes and landspeeders. I don't play dark angels, I play eldar/dark eldar(bias in favour of jetbikes I guess) I don't think large jetbikes used by one chapter takes anything away from eldar.

  7. ^ well one chapter doesnt mean much if all of a sudden you start seeing tournaments fill up with only one army (GK style). I think its a mistake to allow super fast, super tough jetbikes in the same army as a deathwing option.

    Sigh... they really should stop the pretending and call it space marine 40k instead.

  8. Considering the past codicies the Dark Angels got, it was often the case, that they had to be the guinea pig for the vanilla marines. Take combat squads, veteran sergeants, pure Terminator / bike lists, you name it.
    So my guess is, that the next power armour wearing codex will be the Dark Angels.
    And for jet bikes, I wouldn't mind, if the honour guard of Samael could actually be fielded using jet bikes. Would actually be kinda cool IMO.

  9. Very exciting IF it proves to be true.

    Blood Angels have Sanguinary Guard.
    Space Wolves have Thunderwolf Cavalry.
    Space Marines have Honour Guard.

    Each Codex has something that makes those marines unique. If Jetbike Ravenwing are the Dark Angels 'Sanguinary Guard' or 'Thunderwolf Cavalry' then I say that would be GREAT!

    By the way, we have Sternguard Veterans and Vanguard Veterans. I'm actually hoping for a biker Veteran squad (for White Scars). Perhaps this is it, for Dark Angels at least.

  10. pre-heresy jetbikes, here i come


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