As always there is often a small snippet of a rumor that slips in once in a while, and although it seems far away, is worth mentioning. Once 6th edition is fully underway, it would not surprise me at all if Chaos Daemons would somehow arrive next year, and this rumor says just that.

Please take with a lot of salt, as this is the first mention of Chaos Daemons and a codex is still quite a ways off.

i've heard some rumblings about a new full Daemons Codex and Fantasy Chaos Daemons to be released sometime early/mid next year. Have you heard anything of the such as well???


  1. Great! I would welcome that as the codex, while still good in my opinion, is starting to look a bit meh compared to recent codices.

    They will need flyers as that is the new thing. Tzeentch had a couple in the old Epic, not including the floating Silver Towers. Or they could just give them cool powers to combat flyers.

    1. you mean for apocalypse or normal? because normal would be silly. we don't need flyers in standard games.

    2. Valkyrie
      Valkyrie Vendetta
      Dark Eldar flyers
      Night Scythe
      Doom Scythe

      Silver Tower is apocalypse, that's why I said 'not including' them.

    3. Stupid me, forgot rumours:

      Eldar aircraft
      Tau aircraft
      Ork aircraft

      Even a possible space marine aircraft
      And Legions are meant to get an aircraft

      Oh and rules for aircraft in 6th edition.

      But you're right, why would daemons need to counter supersonic aircraft?

  2. I know I would be interested in what they would add to a cool but extremely sparse codex on the variety front!

    1. Minor gods and Undivided.

      I'm currently thinking up an Undivided force, just for fun, but all I've got are:

      HQ: Prince (NO MARKS)
      HQ: Herald Fury (count as herald on disc)
      E: Fire Furies (count as Flamers)
      T: Furies
      FA: Winged Hounds (count as Steeds)
      FA: Just more Furies!
      HS: Soul Grinders (add wings? Keep theme)
      HS: Chimera (count as Lord of Change)
      HS: Manticore (count as Bloodthirster)

    2. You know SG'can't get wings, LOC and Bthirster are HQ, and Princes are HS?

    3. With the Soul Grinders it would just be for decoration, and to follow the theme.

      The Prince being HQ is only because there are no Undivided Greater Daemons.

      The others are just warp monsters using the rules of LOC and BT. They're literally the WHFB Chimera and Manticore. They need to be tough.

      As I said, just a bit of fun.

  3. It would be nice for 40K daemons to be a valid army while Fantasy daemons got toned down several notches.

  4. I know that fantasy Daemons need to be hit in more than a few places >_<

    But there my babies, I don't want them to change!

    I like having the 5s 4i Bloodletters!

    I like having a unit that's a wizard.

    I like my current "items" and am addicted to easy Loremastery.

    At least I'm not attached so to Flamers.

  5. Didnt Daemons get a codex like 2 years ago. and there are armies like Tau that need it more. Yeah i dont believe it Daemons are already to overpowered in my opinion. (dont bash, just my opinion)

    1. by 2 years ago, you mean 2007, right? They have a poor, 4th edition codex that does not hold up in a competitive environment. I'm sorry if you got annihilated by Fatecrusher or quad-chariot (neither of which I play), but I assure you, Daemons are not OP, they need far more help than ANY other codex, with the possible exception of orks.

  6. I mean no offense, but this is just getting stupid. Pretty much ANYTHING is being considered for a rumour, most of it is trash. I really don't want to be rude, but it's getting dumb.

    1. There is a lot out there, and a lot of it is small snippets and in pieces. as things get closer they generally get more refined and better. theDarkGeneral is a currently a decent rumor source. Its worth mentioning.

    2. I agree with you Natfka. Yes, the rumor isn't great (and btw it must have slipped you but someone already mentioned chaos daemons codex en passant in a previous rumor dispelling my fears of having them back in a single codex with chaos legions).
      nice enough to see that a Daemon codex is on its way, even if it won't come out until june at least... there are probably Tau, Black Templars etcetera before.
      I would like to point out that from the look of it the presence of daemons in the chaos legion codex will become significantly lower (how fat is going the book to be?) and that with the new rules some Daemons units risk becoming OP. This would cause an immediate codex release (because GW seems to be errata-phobic, even if that may change with the new edition).

    3. Does it help if I pointed out that on another site I saw Daemons and Tyranids for 2014?

      Sorry Natfka, it was back in December and I can't remember which site I'd stumbled upon. One of the blogg exchange.

      Codices and armies are planned, prototype models made, playtesting, rewrites etc etc etc. I know I've read of armies sitting around for years before being released. That's where a lot of the 'I saw this' and 'I heard that' come from.

      Rules and units get changed or scrapped, so what was rumoured may not happen, or may not happen 'just so'. These are rumours, rumours based on present information which counld change in the future.

      "heard some rumblings about a new full Daemons Codex and Fantasy Chaos Daemons to be released" could mean they've just started working on it.

      Where are the rules rumours? Where are the unit rumours? Where are the new models/kits rumours?

      Three questions, one answer: Perhaps the daemons are not at that stage of development.

    4. @pickman: Daemons run a similar level of risk of becoming OP as orks: that is, the special, random rules that currently cripple them could turn around to be very beneficial instead. That said, I doubt this will happen: GW WILL have its space marines and their variants dominate the game, not some xenos or chaos.

    5. @Thorson: multiple sightings represent a sign that a codex is on his way. This is the second reported appearently (not sure if the source is different anyway).

      @SnaleKing: OP not so much (for example slaanesh beasts wouldn't be able to charge 21 the turn in which they come in deep strike), but for sure more competitive against the current metagame, especially if it will be possible to stak damage results starting from a roll of 2 on the vehicle damage chart as in the leak.
      I'm not sure how much OP could they become, if coming 12" from the enemy could make daemonettes die in their own turn. And even then GKs could get more sensed (because some of their rules aren't exactly thinked for 5th edition IMHO (read: they will be nerfed badly)).

  7. This makes me happy, though to be honest, I doubt it will happen.


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