Here are the two versions of what the rest of 2012 could look like. Personally I think that we will see two codices this year,
I am just not quite sure how they will fit themselves in. It would surprise me to see only one.

Please remember that these are rumors and even where both overlap should be taken with salt. Not mentioned here are the Eldar who are rumored to be moving along nicely and since being lost to 2012, I would expect mention of them for early next year.
via Harry
Jan : Vampire Counts
Feb : Lord of the Rings relaunch. Fantasy scenery “Deathwatch knell” / Necrons?
Mar : Tyranids and more LotR stuff?
Apr : Empire
May : Necron wave and more LotR stuff?
Jun : Chaos Space Marines?
Jul : 6th edition.
Aug : Warriors of Chaos / Chaos Space marines?
Sep : Starter set : Dark Angels v’s Chaos (from Hastings)
Oct : Chaos space marines?
Dec :

I am pretty sure the Tau codex is the first 40K army release of 2013.

via TastyTaste on BoKThe release schedule for 40k 2012 is…
April-May: Dark Angels/Fallen
June-Aug: 6th Ed/Box Set DA vs. CSM
Oct-Nov: Chaos Space Marines/Fallen

There is no Tau, no Black Templars, no Eldar. I want this on the record so strike me down if I am wrong! I am only re-reporting this schedule because I think people have been lead astray by all the false talk of other codices.

I also want to go on the record saying that the Chaos Space Marine codex will not be two books. That was an old rumor from about 5 years ago that got resurrected last year for some infernal reason.

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