Here are the two versions of what the rest of 2012 could look like. Personally I think that we will see two codices this year,
I am just not quite sure how they will fit themselves in. It would surprise me to see only one.

Please remember that these are rumors and even where both overlap should be taken with salt. Not mentioned here are the Eldar who are rumored to be moving along nicely and since being lost to 2012, I would expect mention of them for early next year.
via Harry
Jan : Vampire Counts
Feb : Lord of the Rings relaunch. Fantasy scenery “Deathwatch knell” / Necrons?
Mar : Tyranids and more LotR stuff?
Apr : Empire
May : Necron wave and more LotR stuff?
Jun : Chaos Space Marines?
Jul : 6th edition.
Aug : Warriors of Chaos / Chaos Space marines?
Sep : Starter set : Dark Angels v’s Chaos (from Hastings)
Oct : Chaos space marines?
Dec :

I am pretty sure the Tau codex is the first 40K army release of 2013.

via TastyTaste on BoKThe release schedule for 40k 2012 is…
April-May: Dark Angels/Fallen
June-Aug: 6th Ed/Box Set DA vs. CSM
Oct-Nov: Chaos Space Marines/Fallen

There is no Tau, no Black Templars, no Eldar. I want this on the record so strike me down if I am wrong! I am only re-reporting this schedule because I think people have been lead astray by all the false talk of other codices.

I also want to go on the record saying that the Chaos Space Marine codex will not be two books. That was an old rumor from about 5 years ago that got resurrected last year for some infernal reason.


  1. "I want this on the record so strike me down if I am wrong!"

    Oh no, little Timmy is polishing the shotgun again!

    OK, TastyTaste makes a very convincing case. If starter box is Dark Angels and Chaos it would make sense that Dark Angels and Chaos Legions would be the two codices released.

    As for Harry, I was thinking again (I really should stop doing that!) and thought wouldn't it be possible that WHFB Chaos and WH40K Chaos might get released at the same time?

    We saw it with Daemons so hear my thought before poopooing it.

    Rumour has Brazen Knights being a duel WHFB and WH40K kit. Just a rumour, my chest hurts from the salt, but let's just assume truth for a moment. What about the other chaos powers? Duel kits for Beast, Disc and Steed riders?

    Like I say, just a thought!

    I only hope I get to see the long, long, long awaited Plastic Plaguebearers. Hope they're cool and not at all disappointing.

    1. Thorson. We've been waiting that long for plastic plauge bearers now that when they do come out I wouldn't be surprised if the world ended the day after release.

    2. Or they'll be released soon. But be so rubbish as to cause our heads to implode from the sharp intake of breath which would have preceeded a roar of rage and frustration so loud and terrifying that Khorne wets his bed in fright.

    3. Or the roar of rage will split reality apart, and Nurgle will come out of the warp just to force GW into making plastic plaguebearers.
      You appear to have come up with a decent theory, Thorson. At least this way, fantasy players will be kept happy this year.

  2. What your saying about a duel chaos release makes some sense and could be where the rumours of multiple books for chaos 40k originated.

  3. Dual release, like daemons.
    and look how well THAT turned out! They've been the most OP/cheese codex since 3rd ed. necrons!

    GW, do not screw up chaos again. please.

  4. lol What. Snaleking daemons are a lot of things but OP is not one of them. Maybe for fantasy, but not for 40k. Not even by a mile

    1. Agree!

      Khorne might be powerful in assault, but they have to survive being shot.

      Slaanesh might be fast, but not when deep striking, and they get shot.

      Tzeentch is very powerful, but is sliced and diced in close combat.

      Nurgle can weather both shooting and assault, but are slower than an Ork on Valium and lack a lot of options (only HQ, Elite and Troops - not counting princes).

  5. To me Harry does to much "guessing" and "estimating" than actual giving us stuff. He put necrons in 2 different months and same with CSM. Sounds like hes just guessing in hopes he is right the first time. Funny thing about being wrong about a rumor from a source is that they balme it on their "sources"

    1. Couldnt agree more. Hes just firing off rumors to hit the target. Perhaps he should decide on definite dates(months) next time?

    2. BSx2. Harry is one of the most reliable rumour guys out there. For years and years he´s been passing along stuff he knows and hears. Does he know when everything will be released, exactly? No, but nor does he claim to. He doesn't know everything.
      Have some respect.

  6. This is the first time I've ever posted something I know/have heard so bear with me.

    Two weeks before the White Dwarf spine thing broke and everyone started talking about Dark Angels I was sitting at my local GW painting (kinda quiet before people got off work) and the manager was talking to an obviously well known customer who's been out of the hobby recently. When asked what was next he answered, "Well I don't know for sure [standard line] but I've heard people talking about Templars and Tau." He let the sentence hang for a few seconds while the guy nodded. "Or Dark Angels."

    My ears, as a DA player, perked up. There had beeen nothing - zip - about DA at that point. It's been bugging me since the spine thing hit the web.


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