The Dark Angels being part of the 6th edition starter set, against Chaos.... Still a rumor or now a fact? For one known rumor monger Dark Angels are part of the 6th edition set, with no leaway for error, it is written in stone.

This is what was said,
via 75hastings69
Since I know it to be an indisputable already on sprues fact it really has ceased to be a rumour ...... well for me at least

Now that takes some courage to say, especially the way our community at large treats rumors sources. I literally would rather be keelhauled, tarred then feathered, and set on fire, than make a rumor statement like that. However in this case, I know he was just having fun even though he is serious that Dark Angels are indeed part of the upcoming starter set.

Just remember that a rumor is always still a rumor until we get an official announcement from Games Workshop.

This brings me to the next point...... I will be starting a new article type after new releases. A fact check. Not a hunt down and zero in on false rumor mongers, but a fun fact check, pointing out those rumors that were true after a release. Even though I do this on occasion for myself, I have never posted it. 

I will keep it fun, and focus on those rumors that came true, or even partially true. I find it amazing sometimes, how many rumors are not 100% to the letter of the release, but have bits and pieces of accuracy. We will get to these as well.

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