I have been sitting on most of these pictures for some time while I have been digging through another batch of files containing 40ks that were sent to me. So here is a slight mix of the two today.

Pics of the Week happen every Tuesday where I share from my Warhammer pic library. I collect these all the time from all over, and sharing them is just fun.


  1. The last one is like "DRIVE FASTER!!"

  2. I know this is not exactly the best place to post this comment, and understand if it is pulled, but I was wondering how you get the "You might also like:" 4 pics at the bottom of each post showing related articles. Is this a widget? if so what is it called? Thanks for any help. Love the site and the great info.

    1. Try this.

  3. Thanks, for the info! worked great. Keep the rumors coming in, can't wait for the new Chaos Space Marine dex to come out.


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