The Necron Battleforce is now up for Pre-order. While we knew it was coming, it is always nice to see a battleforce hit the shelves, since they are decent money savers. This one in particular is nice. Two battleforces and a leader, and you have a decent start to this army.

Cost: $105
The set contains 20 Necron Warriors; 5 Immortals (which can alternatively be built as 5 Deathmarks); 5 Canoptek Scarab Swarms, and a Ghost Ark (which can alternatively be built as a Doomsday Ark if you want a little extra firepower).


  1. Looks like a pretty legit battleforce! Not one of those: "Well I'll buy it because I only want that one unit..."

  2. Will make a good start to a new Necron army. All I'm waiting for is the 2nd wave, which doesn't seem that far off.

    My 'to buy' list is: 6th edition rulebook followed by a new army. Choice so far is Dark Eldar or Necrons?

  3. why did this take so long to come out after the necrons were released?
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