A follow up post from this morning via a different source. This rumor is expecting a codex release in May or June with 6th edition coming in July.

Please take all rumors with a grain of salt. In this rumor, StraightSilver is referring to Stickmonkey's batch of rumors posted here.....

via StraightSilver
Everything SM says matches up to rumours I have, except the Chaos Dex could be May or June, with 6th Edition around about July.

I can't go into detail about special characters but there will be a couple coming that I know of around the same time as 6th Edition.

40k will get a fair bit of stuff this year, but expect it to be more of a trickle than a downpour.

I have heard there will be more releases than usual models wise, but they will be small releases to keep interest up for the whole of the 25th anniversary year.

I don't know if that means small waves every month for 12 months, or a blister or two each month but there should apparently be more than enough to keep all 40K players happy.

And Empire is definitely coming soon, April would be my guess too.


  1. Augh, please have the codex after the rulebook, why would it ever be a good idea to do it the other way around?
    It just makes for a weaker codex because it can't explicitly state 6th edition rules!
    AAAUGH I don't think I can express how frustrated I am!

  2. That doesnt have to be the case. A codex only has to use the names of special rules and be costed appropriately for a new edition, it doesn't have explain the rules to a new edition.

    I.e. "Abbadon is Relentless" or something without explaining changes to Relentless. Also remember Rending in the books leading up to the 4th edition release when they nerfed it? Rending was briefly undercosted until it only worked on wound rolls.

    Just because a codex comes out the month before a rulebook doesn't mean it's automatically less powerful than post-rulebook releases. I hope GW learned their lesson with the 4th edition experiment.

  3. so he says" 40k will be getting quite a bit this year." FAIL it was the 25th anniversary and 6e. Comeback when theres an actual rumor kids.

    1. you really think that is all we will get this year?

    2. I have to agree with the anonymous buddy here. Not that 40k will only get the sixth, but that the sixth in itself is already "quite a bit" and that this doesn't reveal anything. Maybe the part on the several releases of models (once a month, yes, dream on, it' me or they already skipped january?).
      Maybe once in two/three months for a total of 5 little model waves but each of them not only blisters? Of course one of the 5 should be a complete codex release so I wouldn't call that "little".
      About chaos legions coming in june/late may. I tend to doubt it because codex rumors tend (historically) to anticipate them (see the Necron codex coming out in July, no, in August, no exactly at Halloween ;-).
      Also such a big release would be rather annoying to have all the new rules that don't make sense at all in the codex. That or either the legions would have very few of them.

  4. Not getting a lot this year!?

    I hope this source is WRONG!

    Lets all celebrate 25 years of Warhammer 40,000 by releasing Warhammer and Lord of the rings/Hobbit armies.

    40K can have a couple of blisters and a rulebook.

    "Hey Bobby! Why's little Timmy in the gun cabinet?"

    "Could be you shafted him on his birthday."




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