Some more Chaos Legions rumors to begin our week with. Obliterators getting new weapons, and varying levels of eternal warrior coming. While not a lot to dig into, for a Monday morning its a great way to start off.

Please remember to take these with the standard salt, these are rumors and should be treated as such.

via TheDarkGeneral
Just some quick news:
*Obliterators: Get more then just "energized" weapons, which may include hvy auto-cannon and missle launcher.

*Special Characters: Several get varying levels of Eternal Warrior (1-3), which includes Abaddon, Kharn and Typhus and 2 others.

*Characters/HQs: A few more options for mid-level characters which according to Legion, can be taken as HQ slots (two for one) or as a separate Elite or Fast or Troop choice that can be split off? Maybe like a unit of Dark Apostles that can then split off as squad leaders? Not sure on this exactly. My buddy often talks to quickly!

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