Time for a little site talk. On this site, there is one author, and that is myself. I have not really even considered additional writers here, or guest authors, but all that can be talk down the road.

Even though there is only one author here, there are many people that contribute to this site. I read every comment and email I recieve, even if my I do not answer every one of them. (short term memory issue...I know I am forgetting something almost always).

I recieve tons of great ideas, and rumor leads all the time. I am very grateful when readers take the time to think about what will make the site better, or to cue me in on a rumor that I have not yet found or heard. I do a lot of digging for little whispers of information, but I could not keep up or locate it all without your help.

Of course there are many of you that just come to the site to read, and there are many that actively leave comments. This too contributes to the success or failure of a site. The no drama policy here has done well, and I think it is nice to have such a reprieve in our hobby. I have literally only had to remove less than a handful of comments since this site began to keep it civil. That is a credit to the readership here.

I also recieve peoples lists via email, and even though I generally do not publish these discussions, I spend a lot of time helping where I can with lists. I try and go into enough detail on my thinking behind these, so that my reasoning behind the lists can be passed on. Many of these discussions have been going on for several months. This is something I enjoy, but also feel the vulnerbility of people that send these in, which is why I have not really posted much on these in the past.

Many months ago I started working and did a lot of work to the site, that never has been published. I am still hoping to get this these site expansions done and added to the site this spring. (buying a house has been my excuse, guess I will need a new one once the deal goes through, lol).

One last thing; This sites policy regarding anything sent to me, is privacy first. Unless a reader says very clearly, you can use my name, I will not. This includes email address's (which are never used), and names attached. Privacy is first and foremost. For those of you that send rumors.... your name and email address is always confidential (unless you want your name used of course).
Once again, I want to say thank you for all the people that contribute to this site.

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