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A Placeholder for Dark Angels Found on GW Site

Someone found a place holder for Dark Angels on the GW website. Does this mean they are next, or are just holding the spot for some future model releases? who knows. You consipiracy theorist out there will love this one.

Please remember to take an adequet amount of salt for this one. This rumor even if all is true, and this is a placeholder for a soon to be released army, it would not alone confirm a codex release.

Above all else, EpicWarGamer has my credit for being quite the slueth.

via EpicWarGamer
Well, I was busy on the GW website, changing root numbers and I changed this:

Into this:

.... if you did that now you see a Dark Angels screen. However, Dark Angels are filed under Space Marines, and they have a page:

So I checked the date on the Picture of the Dark Angel shown:

Look at the date: m1121255... so instantly, I was like... well this is old. Dang. So I went and looked at Grey Knight's pic:

and Necrons

And BA

Seems the date is just when the picture was made. The Sanguinor being the newest model in this set. So that only tells us GW likes to reuse its artwork.

I went all the way through to 440354, and found no Black Templar's main page (to my own sadness)

But on another link I did find this:

Army Landing Intro?????? That is Helbrecht isn't it?

**update** Striking similarities with Side of White Dwarf pics (note the Skull step):

via ThePope
A mate just pointed this out, Deamon hunters and pages still exist as data mined links, they have always been there even thought the armies no longer exist as those named entities.

I how ever have pointed out (right or wrong) that where this is true, WH/DH links have complete product links such as "featured product" and "View entire army product range" where as the DA links do not show the range even though they clearly have a model range to link to.

This is a good point. This means that if it was an OLD DA page, then it would be populated.

Image for the DA and BT pics are .png, something being used more often nowadays, and the others are all JPEG format.

via StraightSilver
Just to say that that date is 5am May 12th 2012 which happens to be a Saturday......

I don't know if that actually means anything but it might.

It's the old Rogue Trader dating system.
M1 = Current Millenium (this should really be M3 as we are now in third Millenium but GW for some reason use M1 as current)
12 = Year
12 = Day
5 = month
5 = timestamp

So from that you get year 12 of current millenium = 2012

12th day of May at 5am.

That's assuming I still remember how to work out 40K dates, but Saturday 12th May does sound promising.

Bear in mind I am purely speculating though and don't have my copy of Rogue Trader handy to work the date out correctly, but I'm pretty sure that's right.

Edit: OK, I just checked on Lexicanium and it appears that it doesn't follow the usual 40K dating conventions, so I may be off with that date. It's usually the other way around, but you never know.

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  1. I don't know. This is a lot for me to have faith in. But it's always nice to have some hope, haha.

  2. Even works on the german GW-Page ;)

  3. It even has listings for all the unit types:


  4. Strange on the gw website it doesn't show any DA models under "view entire product list" at least for me.

  5. I'm hoping for a combined Dark Angels - Black Templars codex, but that's a pipe dream.

  6. Black templar home page, found the same way as Dark Angels


    and it is a PNG...

  8. Well, this is mighty interesting. Is it coincidence that my local Games Workshop has just announced they're going to begin a Dark Angels store army? ;)

  9. (1) Go to Games Workshop website.
    (2) Point to Warhammer 40,000 and scroll down to, and click on, Armies.
    (3) Click on Space Marines and, after the HQ, Elite etc you come to Black Templars and Dark Angels.
    (4) Click on Dark Angels and you will find.....

    ...Codex Dark Angels. The whole Dark Angel range including ye olde metal Deathwing Terminators.

    So what's my point?

    I was hoping the codex and some, or most, of the models might have vanished. Just like what happened prior to Necrons.

    Thank you Natfka, EpicWarGamer, ThePope and StraightSilver. That was fun! I love a good conspiracy.

    By the way I believe 'The Fallen' were loyal Dark Angels and 'The Loyal' Dark Angels were the traitors. That is why the Dark Angels are 'Unforgiven' and are so frightened of the Fallen telling people who they truely are.

    The question is: "who is loyal and who is traitor now?"

  10. Another update **

    There are two files listed under :


    There is this one

    and this one

    One depicts the Empire, and the other Templars. Both due out this year. I am guessing, according to this, that Templars are going to be due out first, as well as Empire, while DAngels are due out later.

    Another reason is the Black Templar Launch Page is filled in with SM units, and the DA Launch Page is not finished.

    1. Also, I'm very excited!

      I had an epiphany!

      Going back to GW site, Armies, Space Marines I clicked on articles.

      There were Black Templars, Blood Angels and Dark Angels listed but only Blood Angels had articles.

      Black Templars and Dark Angels were empty! NO articles!

      The plot thickens!

    2. GW recently took down almost all the articles on their site. If you look you'll find quite a few armies with articles.

  11. Although the old metal Deathwing models are shown on the GW website they are "no longer available" and they have been that way for quite some time.

    1. The games a foot!

      Elementary my dear Watson!

    2. I think Deathwing upgrades are now included in the Dark Angels Upgrade box.

    3. New plastic Deathwing would be nice, fully robed Terminators would look very cool.

    4. Especially if you can use them as Word Bearer Chosen!!

  12. If you look at all codices on GW page, you will see that two of them have lower price. I speak about Black Templars codex and Tau empire codex. Both of these armies were rumored. Dark Angels are still at same price.

  13. Actually checking the price of codices wrked pretty good in the past. Also two things:
    -if dark angels will be announced in m1121255 then notice how daemnhunters will be announced in m1350063 (yes, followinf he logic is in millennium 1 year 35, it means 2035!!!). Also in WH40k dates last two digits aren't the 100th parts of the year that replace days? Because that would put the publication at november, probably.
    -the dark angels image was modified last may 18 2011 (general informations of the image).

    Conclusion: that part is bullshit or GW planned the release over a year ago (okay) and pushed forward the next GK codex one day for evey time someone said "GK are OP".

    About the point made by Pope. Also BS have their own section of the site now... but they didn't get any new miniature or?
    Also check this out:
    yes, BT page. They don't even list army section in the product list.
    is missing (strange IMHO).
    Imho DA and BT from these data seem having the same probabilities.

  14. this is just very OLD.... DA used to have their own slot on GW site

  15. Anon, (above)

    You say the site is very OLD. Then why is it still not populated with products like DH and WH, old BA pages? Why does the image use a newer version of image files lately in use?

    1. "PNG files nearly always use file extension PNG or png and are assigned MIME media type image/png; it was approved for this use by the Internet Engineering Steering Group on October 14, 1996.[3] PNG was published as an ISO/IEC standard in 2004.[1]"

      from Wikipedia page.

      As you notice .png files are pretty old (they were widely used also before they were standard for their interesting representation of alpha channel). The fact that the current images are .jpg makes sense. JPEG is a portable format widely used on Internet because it is fast to load and has a very efficient compression mechanism. In fact I think that JPEG is effectively better than JPEG on browser applications (sites), so it doesn't look too interesting. Anyway DA will come out sooner or later, I'd put my money on BT first anyway.

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