Looks like March will be exciting with a Tyranid and a Space Wolf release. We have been waiting for these for some time. Please note that this is not an official announcement yet, it is still a rumor until we get some insider pics and more information.

There is a little confusion whether the pre-orders will start on the 25th of February as our 40k anniversary surprise, or whether they will be at the end of the March. This rumor also correlates with Harry's time table, who still doesnt know what a Tervigon is, so this one is looking very good.

Please take with at least a little salt, these are still rumors. (I am personally expecting a March White Dwarf announcement leak soon)

via Darnok
Yet another confirmation for the coming releases: March has the new paints, Thunderwolves and the Tervigon kit. Preorders for this by end of March.

Do your birds believe that's all that coming for March, or just part of what's to come?

Not a word on that. But I doubt it

I've been told "end of March"...

Preorders for all of this are supposed to go up at the 25th of February, since that's GWs big Party surprise. 25 Years of 40k, paints, and two kits for two armies?

March's product is the new paint range. Thunderwolves and the Tervigon are more like a bonus, not an actual release.
the shades of all colors currently available will remain the same, only names and quality change. I only got this second-handed, though, so please don't take it for granted.

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