Today's little rumor snippet is telling us that the next Necron Wave is being delayed. I wish there were more details to go into, but a delay is a delay. Is it because of shipping, packaging, timing? No idea.

Regardless, we were discussing this a little bit yesterday. This rumor doesnt change anything. We are still looking at Tyranids and Space Wolves next month+, and Necrons shortly there after. Next codex still appears to be Chaos Legions Q2.

Here is the rumor, and please remember to add salt with this one, and yes, if that birdy gets too close to my house..... "I'm locked and loaded"

via Darnok
A little birdy told me: Necrons may be pushed back another month, even though that might be 50/50.

Don't kill me, I'm just the messenger. And I don't buy it - but wanted to let you know anyway.

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