Today's little rumor snippet is telling us that the next Necron Wave is being delayed. I wish there were more details to go into, but a delay is a delay. Is it because of shipping, packaging, timing? No idea.

Regardless, we were discussing this a little bit yesterday. This rumor doesnt change anything. We are still looking at Tyranids and Space Wolves next month+, and Necrons shortly there after. Next codex still appears to be Chaos Legions Q2.

Here is the rumor, and please remember to add salt with this one, and yes, if that birdy gets too close to my house..... "I'm locked and loaded"

via Darnok
A little birdy told me: Necrons may be pushed back another month, even though that might be 50/50.

Don't kill me, I'm just the messenger. And I don't buy it - but wanted to let you know anyway.


  1. I hope this is not correct, really looking forward to the Necron second wave as I have recently selected Necrons as my main army.

  2. I'm really expecting to see Tyranid 2nd wave next month finally...

  3. Be careful they have not been moved back to make way for something else?

  4. So much for the 25th Anniversary of 40k... it's all about LotR, blah. They could of concentrated on LotR from November 2012 - Dec 2013. At least that would have made sense...

    1. They're trying to build hype throughout the year as a buildup to The Hobbit so they can sell more models from that.

  5. I still expect to see Tyranids next month, and there's still time for Necrons to be released April-June, since 6th ed will most likely be released around late June/early July to rope in kids that just got out of school for the summer.

  6. The staff at my local GW were a bit suprised when the Tau stuff didn't turn up for February. Not sure where the majority of posters here are located, but over here in the UK, things tend to be more transparent regarding future releases. It's no secret that new paints are on the way, even before that picture circulated the internet. My local shop is only ordering Tau models if requested; they didn't even have any stealth suits in stock. Not sure about other stuff though as I've only asked about Tau.

    As for the 25th Anniversary, the 'real' anniversary isn't until October and apparently there's 'some boardgame' being released to celebrate it. I'll be popping into the local GW on the 25th of this month though, I managed to get my original WH40K:RT the day it was released and we thought it would be fun to have a game using those rules. I've also got a stack of old White Dwarf mags (all the way back to issue 79; I'm old) which will be fun reading for all present.

    Would you believe that Space Marines used to have a toughness of three and Orks were armed with boltguns?

    I digress. Generally, the best way to work out what is being released is to see what's in stock (UK stores only as there's no shipping delays) and what needs to be ordered individually. So far, there's a distinct lack of Tau and Chaos ¬_¬

  7. @ the above: that's not quite true mate. I am a GW staffer and we were all surprised to see mr McKellen peeping out of last months delivery box. As for transparency, it is pretty much non-existant.

  8. Too bad today isnt oppisate day:(

  9. the owner of my local gw store said maybe april. so this sounds right.

  10. As long as it's a month (or two) delay and not two years for the Necrons. They've waited long enough for a new codex! Grunt!

    Anyhoo, pleased the Tyranids are still likely on their way next month. Yey!


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