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Warriors of Chaos Rumors

Just when you thought I had forgotten about Warhammer Fantasy, Warriors of Chaos rumors are up, putting them as a possible release for this coming December. New models, and a few details follow.

Please remember that these are rumors and to take with a decent amount of salt. It is the first I have heard of these.

via MsDarkness
I was talking to a nice guy on the internet, he claimed to have a friend that works for Games-Workshop in Nottingham. He then told me, that Chaos will be released in December. Then said a few things about the new release.

New Models:
Warshrine/ Chariot
Chaos Dragon
Dragon Ogres
New Character Models

He then went on to say that, Spawns might get 5+WS, core Warriors to be cheaper, Marauders get small price hike, Dragon Ogres might be T5, Forsaken might be core and skirmishers, Chaos Knights get price decrease, SC Kromm & Engrimm Von Hortsman would be back. He also told me that mark of Tzeentch no longer increase ward save, new Eye of the Gods chart, Favour of Gods gone. Also said most Chaos players will be very happy. Can anyone please comfirm or deny this information? Harry or Hastings or anyone else. It sounded like he had the inside scoop on Warriors. I asked him about Bretonnia and he said nothing about them. But said not to hold my breath on anything new for 2012. I told him that's my favorite army.

Correlating Rumor  from 08-12-2011
via 75hastings69  
Well you'll be seeing these guys sooner than a lot of people think So I thought I'd give you a heads up on what to expect and when to expect them.

plastic chariot/warshrine
plastic forsaken
plastic Dragon Ogres
a Large plastic kit (that I'll leave as a surprise )
Finecast Characters

At the moment WoC are due toward Q4 2012 (after VC, Empire and some random WFB models & waves).

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  1. Sorry if this is a daft question, but aren't VC already out?

    1. Probably means a second wave of models

    2. It says Correlating Rumor from 08-12-2011

      That insinuates that it was posted in either December or August depending on the numbering style used. Either way, VC weren't out yet.

    3. probably a dated rumor from before vc dropped

    4. Kevin, the rumor is current. the correlating rumor is older, but is just another voice pointing to the same thing.

  2. No no no chaos doesnt need new anything unless they raise points cost

  3. Plastic Dragon Ogres. Daemon prince conversion?
    Chaos Dragon. Lord of Change Conversion?
    Chariot. Herald on Chariot conversion?
    Warshrine. Chaotic Scenery bits?

    Forsaken? I'm not a Warriors of Chaos player so who are they?

  4. Since when has games workshop worked in order of necessity? Bretonia and WE are dead in the water and with how big magic is, dwarves are limited to gun up or pack up. Its just the way they do things. tau, eldar, and to a lesser extent nids and chaos all need updates but they will be damned if there is a marine codex that can't walk over them all. when i started fantasy i picked dark elves specifically because they were not gimped with out an update like my 40k armies.

  5. Bretonia, wood elves and dwarves are still in 6th, hope they will reconsider their fantasy releases. However i wouldent say dwarves has that much problemwith magic,got my tomb king ass handed to me like 4 times in the last few days. Thats what happens when you have magic as your strong side and your opponent have more dispell dice then you have power :(

  6. Thorson: Forsaken are basically mutated Chaos Warriors that are fully bonkers, on the tabletop they get D3+1 attacks in combat. The problem is they are only Initiative and Weapon Skill 4 (where Warriors and Chosen are 5) and have Heavy Armor instead of Chaos Armor (5+ instead of 4+). They are faster though, but they aren't worth using considering their stats and cost. They cost as much as a bare bones Chosen, and more than a Warrior.

    I hope the rumors do turn out to be true, it's been a pain trying to work out a good Warshrine conversion, lol.

    1. er Chosen are Weapon Skill 6 my bad.

    2. Thank you for that! Worth a box for the mutations perhaps.

  7. chosen suck, wen your fighting a huge gunline trying to pulverise you with cannon shot after cannon shot i would love chosen marching 12 inches in a single turn

  8. same anonymous pereon, as previous statement, does nobody know about the juggernaut knights ? or is that just me ?