There are New Chaos Vehicle rumors, stating an expansion on the Chaos Predator weapon upgrades. These are being said to be similar to Razorbacks guns with side sponsons included. A twin-linked plasma turrent with plasma side sponsons? That could sell some tanks.

I beleive the above model was done by bruderpetrus

Please take with a little more salt than normal, as even TheDarkGeneral is a little hesitant with what he was told. However, it sounds like good things just might be around the corner.

via TheDarkGeneral
Without giving too much hope and taking this with some salt...

I do know they originally talked about and sketched up some Legion specific "daemonic riders", which would count as Elite choices. Thousand Sons atop Discs of Tzeentch (3-9), Noise Marines speeding along riding Seekers (3-6), Plague Marines sludging it mounted on Beasts of Nurgle (3-7) and the already mentioned Brazen Knights. Where this all went I don't know, but the talks did mention "what would the other Traitor Legions get?"...

One last tidbit, again shake the salt shaker, but "the boyz" did say Chaos would get newish upgrades for our Predators, expanding their weapons upgards, similar to Razorbacks, but without the troop capacity and instead having side mounted weapons. An example would be twin-linked plasma gun turret and single plasma gun side sponsons. NOW THIS HAS ME EXCITED!!! I do hope they're not pullin' my leg! (i'll kick 'em if so!)

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