We are just wrapping up the first week in February and moving to mid month. How fast time flies when we only have rumored releases to look forward to, since 2012 has seen nothing  for 40k..... With the exception of Dark Angel rumors, it has even been a slow week for the rumor mill. Top that off, I have not had a chance to get a game in this last week. This coming week looks a little promising, as I am hoping to break in some new terrain here at the house.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Upcoming Releases
With the anniversary model being released on February 25th, and most likely Troop + Transport box sets, February is really turning out to be a pretty dry month. January was dead, February dry. Lets hope that March brings about something a little better.

Tyranids are rumored to still be getting a release wave, as well as necrons getting their infamous second wave models. Even Space Wolves are said to be getting a small release. If these pan out for March and April, I think most of would be happy with the releases so far this year. "These are big ones GW, the community really wants them and will buy them". I know they don't listen to me, but hey, I wanted to say it anyways..

As far as a codex release. Yes we want these too. But we always want these. Lets hope for some model releases, and see what the next few months brings us. I am hoping to see a codex before 6th edition, but if its right afterwards, that will work. A bone thrown out for the Tau players would be nice too.

Dark Angels
The surprise that was kept low until these last few weeks is Dark Angels. Since they were FAQ's 6 months or so ago, and have seen a surprising upsurge in sightings at the local watering holes. I am hoping to see their return, as they were one of the codices that I played back in early third edition. I loved the idea of Deathwing.

Would I start a Deathwing or Dark Angels army? Probably not. Would many people start one? Sure they would. The latest flavor... my unpainted marines are now Dark Angel crowds would all be playing them. It would also take some of the heat off the Grey Knight players.

Here's to hoping to see more Dark Angels this year. A codex would be nice. Land Raider Ares for win!

Terrain Building
Yes, I am down to my second coat drying. I will be posting more on my terrain building, as well as some pictures of things I have built in the past. My background is Architecture, and modelling was something I was good at back then, but much better now. So some of my techniques might not be so much from the hobby, but from architecture school.

So my building of terrain for my personal tables, is starting off with some natural terrain. Some War torn, or soon to be torn up forests and rock outcroppings. I even have a technique to share for how to use a bed sheet for a table cover. Yes it means I will be painting it, and I will share how I am doing that.

Am I good at modelling? Not really. I am always learning, just like the rest of us. I do think I bring some ideas to the community at large, so I will be sharing how I am doing my terrain, as I do it.

Terrain has always been a pet peeve of mine. When a buddy of mine owned a store many years ago, I spent some time making terrain for his gaming tables. Since then I realized that the only thing I have really done when it comes to terrain is complain about it......... yes too much drama. It was time to make some.

Point Values
I love bigger games. I don't hate small games, but I find that my time is very short with my hobby (I have a family, house, life). So I prefer not to play the smaller games, as I simply would like to play what I enjoy. I know there are many people that like smaller games, saying it adds this or that....... but really. List building becomes vital at small point games and a single dice roll or two changes the game (luck, because there are so much less dice to roll).

I like it when a list has multiple tactical options, several strategies that are cohesive, flexible, and when units that are dominant do not automatically rule the tabletop. (larger games have that much more firepower to deal with a list breaking unit). Rock/Paper/Scissor games do still happen, but so much less at larger games.

My definitions of Game size.
Larger games=1750+
Small games=1750-

So when the option of a 1500pt tournament comes around... will I be attending? Probably not. Its tempting once in a while, but I would probably be better off spending the quality time with the family or up keeping the house until a more desired point value comes along. 1500pt tournament coming this next weekend.

Christmas Display
Finally here is a picture of my Wife's Holiday display. The base is made out of styrofoam, as is the mountain etc.
I couldn't find any closer pics on the details of the Mountain or parts. This display is about 5 years old.

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