Here it is finally. It doesn't matter that we already knew they were coming, it is still nice to get the official announcement of this long awaited release. Please take into account and support your local game shop when deciding what to buy. There are a lot of models in this release. They are now available for advance orders.

via Games Workshop
From the huge Tyrannofex and Hive Tyrant, to the legendary Thunderwolf Cavalry and Fenrisian Wolves, there are some fantastic multi-part plastic kits available to advance order today. Not only this, but there many models are coming in resplendent Citadel Finecast. Gather your Hive Fleet for planetary assault, line up your Space Wolves for the charge and head over to to prepare for the carnage...


  1. What first? Both are my favourite armies. Tyranids favourite Xenos, Space Wolves favourite Space Marines. Seeing the 360 of the models has made them even more cool.

    I had a thought today (yes it hurt) and wondered if we might be seeing more finecast kits made into plastic kits. Hive Tyrant was metal, became finecast and now...well just look at that beast: options to make Tyrant, winged Tyrant and Swarmlord!

    Tyrant Guard/Hive Guard?
    Bloodthirster/Skarbrand?....and so on.

    1. Although a cool idea it is quite costly to move something from fine cast to plastic so I do not know, plus they would need to justify the change like with the tyrant with all the arm combo's and the wings and swarmlord special character.

      Long ago the manager of my local was telling me that the thing GW would have loved would be all plastic ranges all the time. Fine cast was the compromise I would say still a nice compromise in my opinion.

    2. how come they made some of the WFB ICs in plastic?
      i think finecast is just a way of saying "we don´t expect to sell much of these"

    3. The manager brought it up when he showed me a empire character in plastic like you mention saying this is how they want it done when they can. Of course its just a shop manager and it was long ago before the rumour 'drought' and fine cast.

    4. Is Bjorn the Felhanded the first GW finecast resin vehicle? Hmmmmmm

  2. anyone els notice the Bluetac thats holding the arms on those GW models? :)

    love the models
    don´t like the finecast ridiculous prices of 20,-€ for a SM with banner -.-

  3. Yes I just got the email from GW, Those wolves turn in to Khorne berzerkers. I mean the Space wolf are almost there anyway... I cant wait...

  4. Happy 25th GW! 25 years of stealing my money for these overpriced models and many more years to come :P

  5. I play nids, BA and DE. I sold off all my metal nids because I hate it when I do a nice paint job and then a metal model get chipped. I was going to replace all the metal I sold off with fine cast. I didn't because it's really quite expensive. But to get to the heart of it. I'm glad I didn't get the finecast Hive Tyrant. Plastic is so much nicer to work with.


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