Find out more about what is coming for Kill Team Commanders and more information about what is coming. Chapter Master Valrak asked the GW team some of the questions we all have about future expansions.

Kill Team Commanders via Chapter Master Valrak

New Scenarios.
Point Values will go up with these games, with lots of different scenarios.
This is the first stage of Commanders... More Commanders are coming.
30+ Commanders are planned.

New specializations, new traits etc for Commanders.
No new models in these packages...... These are existing models in new Kill Team packages.
(hopefully this will change)

Wall of Martyrs: New Kill Team Environmental Expansion box.
Trenches etc,

Future Expansions?
Inquisitor Kill Team coming? only a smirk was revealed saying "yes that would be awesome"

Armies not yet present?
Custodes? Sisters of Silence? No real comments made.

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