New Warzones for Rogue Trader are here alongside the Rogue Trader pre-orders tomorrow.

via the Warhammer Community
Kill Team: Rogue Trader features two brand new killzones usable in any of your games. Set in two thematic new battlefields, they’re excellent for everyone from hardcore matched play fans looking shake up their games to narrative players looking for thematic new choices.

Ultra-close confines present a new way to play Kill Team. Rather than battling over ruined cityscapes or lofty industrial wastelands, you’ll instead be fighting vicious close-quarters battles in starships and Adeptus Ministorum shrines.

In ultra-close confines, the board is broken up by walls that cannot be fired through, seen through or measured through in any way – meaning careful positioning is key to victory. Once-reliable Sniper specialists must scrabble for strong firing lanes, while Combat and Demolition troops reign supreme.

Thanks to clever use of terrain, 
ultra-close confines boards offer a full, thrilling gaming experience while being incredibly portable – you’ll be able to easily fit your board and all your terrain into a Skirmish case. If you’re looking for a killzone to take to your gaming club night, this is it!
As well as being great for gaming, these new killzones are fantastic tools for narrative players. Imagine kicking off a Kill Team campaign with every player attempting a landing in a shuttle of their own while under attack from enemy forces – or linking the Ministorum Shrine to another killzonein a multiplayer game as a group of troops rush for cover during an orbital bombardment.

The Kill Team: Rogue Trader book features rules for incorporating missions in ultra-close confines into a normal campaign, meaning you’ll be able to integrate them with ease.
Kill Team: Rogue Trader is available to pre-order tomorrow

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