What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to natfka@live.com

I am submitting for What's on Your Table my homebrew conversion for a prototype Leman Russ II: "King Russ". I was inspired by what I saw online and because that particular miniature was no longer available, I decided to convert my own using the Malcador Defender as the base model. I honestly think the Malcador are worthless, but I love their design so I felt this was a great was to field a model I like with my own touches and homebrew rules for casual play. The conversion pieces (punisher sponsons, tank turret and cannon, tracks, engine and autocannon sponsons) I got on eBay from a wonderful tank conversion company Blood and Skulls industry (machinator248) who I shamelessly promote because with this guy's kit this tank would not have come to life.

I field this tank against my brother's Tyranid hive fleet. He has really gone crazy and been reinforcing his hive fleet with more monsters and swarms then I can keep up with using my Death Korps. So we brainstormed a min-campaign which would allow me to use this tech-heresy tank for the good of the imperium. I have also included my homebrew rules which give some information on how this tank came to be, its usefulness, and its drawbacks.


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