We have mentioned before that it appears the Killzone mats line up to show off a much larger game possibility. So today the Warhammer Community team offers up some Open Play game games with suggested missions for the games. Take a look.

via the Warhammer Community Team
Simon: If, like me, you’ve got your hands on a few different Killzone gameboards, you may be thinking how cool it would be to combine them together to create a much large battlefield. By doing so, you can create your own exciting missions and fight much larger battles or even longer, narrative-driven ‘quests’. To give you some ideas, I’ve come up with three sets of mission concepts that you can play using specific combinations of Killzone boards, with each set based on the principle of opposed objectives (i.e. break in/break out).

These missions are designed for open play, so you should feel free to interpret them in any way you wish, though I do have some further suggestions:
  • Ignore battle length.
  • Consider increasing the points allowance of one or both kill teams if appropriate.
  • Consider ensuring that the defender’s models are sufficiently spread out, or start off as some form of sentries that aren’t fully active until an attacker is spotted (or even both).
Anyway, let’s get cracking!

Gameboards Required:
 Sector Imperialis, Sector Mechanicus and Munitorum Shrine
Mission ideas:
  • Free the Prisoner: The defender sets up the attacker’s Leader or one of their specialists in a room of their choice on the Munitorum Shrine gameboard. The attacker moves on from one road entrance and must escape via the furthest road exit. By moving off that table edge, they can enter the Munitorum Shrine through the entrance in the following battle round, and can free their Leader if they use a Command Point to pick the lock. The attacker wins if the prisoner escapes via the furthest road exit.
  • Jail Break: The defender sets up the attacker’s kill team in any rooms on the Munitorum Shrine gameboard, though they must keep one room empty to assign as the weapons lock-up. The attacker can then spend a Command Point to pick a lock, but the defender’s sentries can’t attack unless they see the attackers move out of their cells. The attacker’s models only count as having a close combat weapon until they can reach the weapons lock-up to recover their wargear. The attacker wins if they can escape via the furthest road exit with enough models.

Gameboards Required:
 Sector Munitorum, Sector Mechanicus and Death World Forest
Mission ideas:
  • Jungle Hell: The attacker moves on from the Death World Forest table edge and must move off it as soon as possible, as the native fauna has a chance of inflicting mortal wounds on any models on that board. The attacker wins if they can escape via the opposite edge of the battlefield with enough models.
  • Lose them in the Forest: One defender is being pursued by the attacker and must escape via the furthest edge of the Death World Forest gameboard with a predetermined number of models to win. The defender’s models start off a certain distance onto the Sector Mechanicus gameboard, and the attacker’s models move onto that gameboard in the first battle round to give chase.

Gameboards Required:
 Sector Munitorum and the Truehawk
Mission ideas:
  • Emergency Evacuation: The attacker has stowed away on the defender’s shuttle and has disabled its engines. Having made a emergency landing, the defender must escape from the shuttle and fight their way clear. The defender wins if they can escape via the opposite edge of the Sector Munitorum gameboard with enough models.
  • Take to the Skies: The shuttle is fuelled and ready to go, but the attacker must first fight their way through the perimeter that the defender’s forces have formed around the launch bay. The attacker wins by storming the shuttle, reaching the command bridge and taking off.
And these are just a handful of simple ideas – remember that with open play, anything is possible! If you’ve come up with some suitably awesome Kill Team missions to play with your combined Killzone boards, why not send us your pictures at community@gwplc.com and tell us all about it?

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