Beastmen are back in big way and this battletome looks very promising for AoS players. While the miniature line appears not to be getting much, there will whole new ways to play your Beasts of Chaos.

via the Warhammer Community

1. They’re called “Start Collecting!” sets for a Reason
Turns out that Start Collecting! Beasts of Chaos is a great place to kick off your army! 
This first list is based on smooshing a couple of sets together and throwing in an endless spell that synergises nicely with the models you’ll get, and it comes into a 1000-point Pitched Battle with an extra command point.
You’ll want to keep the Ungor Raiders near your Herdstone as sacrifices to summon more Monsters – if you don’t have any in your collection, then use models from your casualty pile.
The Doomblast Dirgehorn is a novel way to boost the durability of your Beasts of Chaos, emitting an ever-expanding wave of -1 to hit for anyone who doesn’t have horns:

2. Big Bulls, Small Model Count
If you’re looking for an unconventional army that hits like a truck, go for Warherds.
Pretty simple stuff here – you’ve got a couple of units of Bullgors to form a Battleline and smash stuff, a Doombull to command them, and a couple of big monsters. I’ve thrown in a Great Bray-Shaman for some magical support – you’ll want to keep him near your Herdstone to take advantage of summoning. If you want to speed up your summoning capabilities, but don’t want to feed your Bullgors to your Herdstone, you could drop the Balefire Taurus for some Ungors and the Ravening Direflock, instead.
What’s the perfect spell for an army of bulls? A massive flaming one, of course! The Balefire Taurus is savage – like other predatory endless spells, it’s a great way to inflict mortal wounds, with the added bonus that it prevents the units in hits from fighting in close combat until everyone else has had a crack!
Set it up right, and you’ll be able to roll through enemy lines with your Bullgors with little fear of reprisal.

3. Rolling with the Changes
One of the best things about Tzaangors of all flavours being part of the Beasts of Chaos is that you can take advantage of the brilliant Tzeentch Arcanites Changecult boxed set – particularly if you have a friend to split the Kairic Acolytes with. This list is designed to transform that box into a cracking little starting army for Beasts of Chaos:
If you’re fielding an army of angry bird-people, you might as well bring even more birds to the game. The Ravening Direflock is a really unusual endless spell that takes the form of three bases of terrifying crows that penalise your enemy’s Bravery:

Any of these lists should be a strong footing to get you started, but there’s really no limit to what you can do with the battletome. Go hard on Ungors, stick with Dragon Ogors, stay traditional with Gors – it’s up to you!
You’ll be able to pre-order your copy of Battletome: Beasts of Chaos for yourself tomorrow.

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