The Blackstone Fortress expansion of Warhammer Quest promises new Chaos Marine sculpts in the near future. Are the new sculpts for Chaos Marines growing larger over the years as we saw with normal Space Marines? It appears so.

I think the biggest question then becomes.... will chaos marines get an equivalent to the Primaris Marine? Its hard to say, but I could see how it would be justified (whether you agree with it or not is another story) with 10,000 year old marines growing changing genetically in the warp.

Personally I don't find Chaos Marine all that scary on the table, which does not automatically mean we should see a bigger badder version, but I still wish there was more to them. (Night Lords were one of my original armies back at the turn of the century)

This was posted up on Bolter and Chainsword by Master Sheol
He makes a great point.

CSM models already started to grow since DV Chosens
They are already sized ad TS/DG PA models

Look at some size comparisons between old CSM and Chosen/TS/DG

Just a reminder of Warhammer Quest 40k
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