Time to get to know the sole new pre-order for Warhammer 40k this week, Canis Rex. Here is his background and history all according to the Warhammer Community

via the Warhammer Community
Canis Rex is available for pre-order this weekend, but just who is this Sir Hekhtur chap, and what exactly is the cut of his jib?
Well, for starters, the fact that Sir Hekhtur is the first Imperial Knightmodel to come with a separate pilot miniature on foot tells you he is not a foe to underestimate – someone stoic enough, should he suffer the inconvenience of his Knight armour being destroyed in battle, to climb out of the wreckage and take the fight to the enemy on foot. Let’s investigate the history of this fabled Freeblade Knight in a bit more detail…

Sir Hekhtur is a Noble scion of House Cerberan, a knightly house based on the knight world of Randoryn Alpha. Or was…
When the Iron Warriors attacked Randoryn Alpha in great force, not even the combined might of House Cerberan could keep the relentless traitor Legion at bay. One by one, House Cerberan’s Knights were destroyed – or even worse, disabled and captured – by the Sons of Perturabo. The Knight pilots who survived were imprisoned and horrifically tortured until nothing of their former selves remained. All except one. Neither pain nor incarceration could break the spirit of Sir Hekhtur. He endured torments that would overwhelm even the transhuman physiology of the Adeptus Astartes, for Hekhtur’s will was unbreakable. Whether by the will of the Emperor or the latent sentience of his Throne Mechanicum’s former occupants, the pilotless Canis Rex tore free from its own bondage and fought its way to Sir Hekhtur’s side.
United with his Knight suit once more, Sir Hekhtur fought his way clear of the Iron Warriors and made good their escape aboard a captured transport with as many surviving Sacristans and former vassals of House Cerberan as he could save. It was for this daring escape and the rescue of his allies that Sir Hekhtur earned the moniker “Chainbreaker”.

Other than his tragic backstory, there are two other important aspects to consider about Canis Rex that define Sir Hekhtur’s role as an Imperial Knight:

As the last of his knightly house, Sir Hekhtur took the oath of the Freeblade, and fights to free any held under the oppressive yoke of Chaos. He has been sighted alongside armies of Imperial Knights and many other forces loyal to the Imperium. Wherever he fights, his reputation precedes him and he inspires those in his shadow to continue the fight in even the most desperate circumstances.

Sir Hehktur also once held the rank of Knight Preceptor in House Cerberan. Though his status as a Freeblade means he no longer serves as a mentor to Armiger pilots, he still bears the armament of his former position – namely the deadly las-impulsor. He also bears a masterwork thunderstrike gauntlet known as Freedom’s Hand, with which he has torn down countless prison walls and foes beyond counting.

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