Adeptus Titanicus will be getting the slow drip of new models to add to the game over the next 6 months. While this is already known or assumed, there is some additional rumored bits that are coming out of Bols that shed some light on what we will be seeing.

As always these are rumors and please add an appropriate amount of salt.

via Bols from "Industry Insiders"

Timeframe: Q4 18 – Q1 19 
There will be a big push on bringing the large range of Imperial Knights into Titanicus. With the Studio sticking to their “no vehicles and infantry” mantra, luckily there are enough of these to fill the same role in the game, providing a range of unit options, from units just below the Scout Titan level to just above infantry size. 

These Titanicus models have been mentioned: 
Dominus Class Knights (Castellan & Valiant) 
Cerastus Class Knights (Lancers, etc…) 
Armiger Class Knights (Warglaive & Helverin) 
Porphyrion Class Knight Knight Weapon Set (Carapace Missile Launchers, others)

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