While I have not seen this in stores, it apparently is already available in the US. While I highly doubt this will ever make my board gaming nights, its an interesting release that I imagine will more of a collectors thing than reaching the game table that much. Spend the time playing monopoly? or get into something like Twilight Imperium. Not a hard call. Although TI would possibly be great in the 40k universe.

via the Warhammer Community
That’s right, folks. Warhammer 40,000: Monopoly is officially set to be released later this year (or, if you live in the USA, it already has been). You will soon be able to dominate the grim darkness of the far future using your financial muscle rather than strategic expertise. We imagine that a game of Warhammer 40,000: Monopoly is like a day in the life of the High Lords of Terra as they jostle for position on the council, but why not play a game for yourself and find out?

Don’t worry, we all know where you looked first – of course Holy Terra is the most expensive property! There are other similarly well-suited replacements for the traditional properties: the four train stations are represented by Asuryani Craftworlds and the utility companies are none other than two of the largest and most powerful Forge Worlds, Metalica and Mars.

Delving into the contents further, you will find that the Hotels and Houses take the name of Outposts and Fortifications, while the Chance and Community Chest cards are instead Fate and Glory cards respectively. There are also six collectible pewter gaming tokens with which to declare your allegiance as you vie for galactic dominion:
As mentioned earlier, the game is currently only available in the USA, but will be hitting the shelves in stores all over the world later this year. 
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