This happened a lot faster than expected, as already now you will be able to use the new Rogue Trader Kill teams as detachments for your regular 40k games!

Here is the latest.

via the Warhammer Community
We know loads of you have been waiting ages to get your hands on a real, honest-to-goodness plastic Rogue Trader, while others crave an even broader menagerie of mutants – and it’d be a shame to not bring such magnificent models to your regular games of Warhammer 40,000. Well, good news! Kill Team: Rogue Trader features two mini-codexes that let you use ALL the models from the set in your regular games:
Each of the mini-codexes in the set contains a specialised Detachment for that faction, representing the forces in the Rogue Trader boxed set, complete with characters, Detachment rules and a set of Stratagems for you to use. You’ll also find points for using them in matched play.
Rather than being codexes for Rogue Traders in general or Nurgle mutants, these books have been designed to provide you with two focused, thematic allies for a larger force. Got some Death Guard? You can never have too many horrific Nurgle mutants! Need to add some aristocratic flair to your Astra Militarum? Hire the Elucidian Starstriders!

As an Imperium army, you’ll be able to squeeze the Elucidian Starstriders into anything from the Adeptus Custodes to the Space Marines or even the Adeptus Mechanicus. They’ve even got a rule that lets you put them in ANY Imperium transport 
 normal restrictions notwithstanding:

On the tabletop, the Elucidian Starstriders consist of a nifty selection of characters plus Nitsch’s Squad 
 an elite unit that offers you some additional fire support. This is also your best opportunity to add a dog to your army  other than allying with the Space Wolves

Nitsch’s Squad is surprisingly potent little unit, capable of kicking out some respectable firepower to anyone who dares get close.

Between the artificer shotgun and the rotor cannon, you’ll make short work of Terminators and other tougher infantry 
 at 36 points for the whole unit (yes, really!) they’re a steal.

Having looked at the superhuman shock troops of the Plague God with the Death Guard, and the Grandfather’s supernatural servants with this year’s deluge of new Daemons, the Gellerpox Infected are your chance to build the third piece of the tri-lobe 
 the serried hordes of mutated mortals and swollen vermin who fight for Nurgle.
As you’d expect, the Gellerpox Infected serve Chaos, and are great allies for any Nurgle army, looking just as magnificently malignant as any Death Guard or Nurgle Daemon as well as sharing the Nurgle keyword, making them immune to any Nurgle’s Rot-related friendly fire.

In-game, the Gellerpox Infected are great at tearing apart heavy infantry with Vulgrar Thrice-Cursed and the Hullbreakers, who boast a deluge of armour-shredding, high-damage attacks. Meanwhile, your various mites, grubs, Nurglings and mutants cost a pittance in points and are great for bogging down pesky opponents or holding objectives while more valuable units get stuck in with some good old-fashioned murder.

You’ll find both these codexes included in the Rogue Trader boxed set, available this weekend! If you’re curious about how these Factions play in Kill Team, don’t miss our last two Kill Team focuses, while if you’re looking to learn more about the set itself, tune in tomorrow for a closer look at the killzones…

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