This just went live. Whether you are a Tau player or are just looking for some new Sci-Fi Terrain for your gaming tables, there is a new Kickstarter out that may be just what you are looking for. These are very usable from a bunkers, landing pads, defense lines, and more.

One of the nice things about this Kickstarter is the quick turn-around with an expected shipping date of this November. This means they can be on your tabletop in a couple months.

via TT-Paradise
All buildings are hand-casted and are made of high quality resin.
With our set you can build a very impressive sience-fiction wargame scenery or a nice diorama to present your miniatures in a showcase.
The miniatures that are shown in our pictures are from Wargame Exclusive. They allowed us to use their miniatures for size comparison.
The miniatures of wargame exclusive are also made of high quality resin.
Now, take a look at our fantastic new Alpha-Tauri buildings.

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