This is cool... the energy shields for Van Saar are available now from Forgeworld along with Weapon Sets. I wish they just gave us 5 open shields instead of just one (after all it shouldn't be hard to model a closed energy shield).

New From Forgeworld Today

Van Saar Weapons Set 1 £16
Van Saar Weapons Set 2 £16
Van Saar Energy Shield Set £12

via the Warhammer Community
The gangers of Necromunda’s House Van Saar are well known for their high-tech weaponry, often toting gear that other gangs can’t get their hands on (and even if they could, they probably couldn’t get it to work anyway). In previous editions of Necromunda, the pinnacle of this was the heavy plasma gun – this wonder of the destructive arts has been updated for the latest edition. The plasma cannon, as it is now known, is just one of the many glorious guns found in Van Saar Weapon Set 1.

Across this and Van Saar Weapons Set 2, you’ll get access to a host of exotic armaments, including melta, grav, flamer and even rad weapons, plus a variety of shock staves and batons, and more besides.

If you want to add some extra protection to your gangers while they get in close (supported by a Champion with a plasma cannon or multi-melta, no doubt), you can also pick up the Van Saar Energy Shield Set – this contains 5 Hystar-pattern energy shields (with one modelled closed), along with some weapons ideal for getting up close and personal with the foe.

All three of these packs are available to pre-order now – get yours and use your technological superiority to conquer the underhive. You’ll find the rules for all these new weapons in Gang War 3.

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