The War Gamer does it again with a great painting tutorial this time tackling Rogue Trader Elucia Vhane. I really like these videos, and hopefully he continues to share these with us.

Shared with us via the War Gamer
In this video I show you how to paint the Rogue Trader Elucia Vhane from the Kill Team boxed game. You can support me for as little as $1 a month over on my Patreon page: Follow me on Twitter: Like TWG on Facebook: Equipment Used - Canon EOS M100 - Sony ICD-PX240 - Blue Yeti Microphone - Painting Equipment Used - Iwata C-Plus Airbrush - Smart Jet Pro Compressor - Windsor Newton Series 7 Size 0 - Windsor Newton Series 7 Size 1 - Vallejo Black Primer - Masters Brush Cleaner - Studio XL Everlasting Palette: Paints Used: Bugmas Glow Cadian Fleshtone Mephiston Red Evil Sunz Scarlet Screamer Pink Slaanesh Grey Dryad Bark Abaddon Black Warpstone Glow Thousand Sons Blue Balthasar Gold Retributor Armour Leadbelcher Agrax Earthshade Druchii Violet Reikland Fleshshade Nuln Oil Wild Rider Rider Flayed One Flesh White Scar Moot Green Temple Guard Blue Dark Reaper Thunderhawk Blue Hashut Copper Stormhost Silver Lahmian Medium

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