I do a lot of reading online and between all the various sites, there is just too much to get to everything I would like to. Quite often I find myself thinking that I should share a little bit of what I am reading, so this is an attempt at just that.

I am playing with the idea of doing this on a regular basis, so we will see how it goes. Most often my spare reading time is spent on the large number of blogs that are on the BlogExchange, but sometimes I am reading on one page, followed by another, and another, until I have no idea how I got there. Many of those sites get lost.

Here is some of the latest that I am reading.

The Overseer

Are you that Guy? If you are not sure, this is a good article that delves into that guy that we all dislike to run into, and if at all would avoid even having to play or talk shop with. Yes, I have run into this guy myself, and its just not worth trying to get through to them.

3++Is the New Black

3++ is back. They are back online, with their new format, and last week I finally got the sites feed working so that it posts correctly for the Faeit 212 BlogExchange. Kirby and AbusePuppy were surely missed, and I am very happy they are back

Faeit 212 Community News

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