This week has been a rough on my end, but loaded with lots of rumors regarding everything from Dark Angels to Orks. Normally I do not discuss personal events, and I will not go into detail here, but this week truly sucked ass.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

What sucked.
First off I want to thank the people that I have been in email contact with this week. There were many that know I am in the process of moving and several that sent good wishes this way for that move to my new house.

I did not yet get the house. I have paid for it, I have packed, hired movers and a truck, and still no house. I was supposed to close on Monday, but on the sellers side, a Californian Notary missed a vital signature. This sent the house past its evaluation date even though the notary tried to correct their mistake by overnighting the signature. (so we missed the evaluation deadline by 11 hours).

Because of complete and total over-regulation (this is not the blog where I am going to into all those details, but its the horrible, and this is just one part of what has happened in this.), I now have to wait for the seller side to do another evaluation. There is no recourse on my side. Thousands of saved dollars are sitting in limbo because of this, not to mention the money we lost for the move and time we lost from work.

My 40k is buried beyond reach in boxes. I have not been given a new closing date, and only told it will take at the minimal 2-3 weeks for them to do this. However starting this whole thing over (which took 12 months since offer) can take a rediculas more amount of time. For not I am living out of boxes, and have no way to reach my models.

Faeit 212
I am going to get everything back on schedule, with the weekly articles hitting at the proper times. So the BlogExchange, Pics of the Week, and more will hit at their proper times. Already the week is loaded up with articles, that were started, but no enough time was available to get everything posted.

Its also quite possible I missed an email or so during all this. Don't fret, I will try and get to them ( I read and try to answer every email I recieve). If one or two were completely missed, I apologize, resend.

Until then, I am itching to get in a game. No models are available for me yet, but hopefully this all gets resolved quickly so I can get back to my standard couple games a week.

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