Here is something from the Faeit 212 inbox, and I am not going to go into much detail on it. Take a look below and you can decide for yourself whether or not go this route.

via the Faeit 212 inbox
Morning Natfka, sorry for trouble but I would like to ask for your support.
My name is Jarek, I am founder of We are non profit organisation with charity mission, the portal is basically auction house focused on our hobby - wargaming.
All portal's profit is donated to registered charities or kids (associated with charities). More on

It is win-win situation, in one hand we save money to wargamers as the charges on miniwarbid are very very low in compare to eBay , in other hand we help out others.

Thanks in advance.
Miniwarbid is non profit organisation. Our auction portal let you to Buy, Sell or issue Art Commissions in order to get the best Value for Money, but most importantly, all MWB profit is given away to help sick and disabled children whose family are not in a financial position to pay for their healthcare.
“Remember that, happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it”

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